What is the opportunity for MNOs in dissatisfaction?

Businesses are reporting low NPS for both mobile and fixed services, particularly among the smallest segments. However, this dissatisfaction can be transformed into an opportunity to deliver compelling services. What does this mean and what can MNOs do?

Research on business customer satisfaction levels from Analysys Mason, a consulting firm, paints a bleak picture for MNOs. According to the research, which compared Net Promoter Scores (NPS) with the number of employees in a business, customer satisfaction of MNOs among the enterprise community is generally low, but it’s lowest in the smallest segment – those businesses with 0 – 9 employees (see Figure 1, below).

Figure 1: Mobile NPS / Business size (Analysys Mason, 2019)

Mobile NPS business size

In general, MNOs are doing a poor job of satisfying business customers, but they do progressively worse with smaller and smaller companies, which results in a low overall average NPS. Clearly, MNOs need to do better. But, this research also highlights something we hear time and time again.

That is, to many MNOs, companies with fewer than 10 employees are typically classified as consumers, so even though they may be innovative businesses, agile start-ups or long-established firms, MNOs don’t see them as such. It’s hardly surprising that such customers are the most dissatisfied.

The research also compared NPS for fixed services, using the same segmentation. Again, the results indicated that those in the smallest businesses are least happy with their services, as Figure 2 reveals.

Figure 2: Fixed NPS / Business size (Analysys Mason, 2019)

Mobile NPS employees

The level of dissatisfaction is also greater, with no positive NPS from this segment. Again, it appears that fixed providers do not consider the needs of this community. And, it’s really odd that they don’t, because it’s by far the largest business segment in most countries.

All of which suggests an opportunity. MNOs can easily launch services that offer value to businesses with fewer than 10 employees, such as simple hunt groups, number twinning, presence control and more, but they can also target the same services to fixed users with an FMC proposition that enables fixed number routing to mobiles, with triggering to allow presentation of the company number or a user’s own number, as desired.

This is not rocket science – it’s what many of our customers have done. They have managed to build significant traction among a business segment that has been traditionally overlooked. This has been achieved by providing clear, simple propositions and delivering them to small and micro businesses. They are able to articulate the value by showing how the solutions solve key business problems – missed calls, user availability, team collaboration, mobile working, and so on – while offering them at affordable prices via online or direct channels.

It doesn’t matter if you are a new entrant, or an established player, it’s easy to offer mobile optimised solutions for micro businesses – and the potential to drive NPS improvements is also clear. Indeed, many of our customers have won awards for their services and consistently secured outstanding customer feedback, making them stand out among their MNO peers.

So, if you are interested in bucking the trend and boosting NPS from even the smallest business customers, then you should talk to us. We’ll show you how crafted propositions can be delivered, helping you to grow revenue, enhance NPS and target a neglected niche. Dissatisfaction is indeed an opportunity – and a clear challenge to MNOs. We’ll help you confront this and seize the opportunity.

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