The Intelligent Network continues to be of fundamental importance for service delivery, but how will it evolve to meet new challenges?

IN services generate significant revenue and enable key network capabilities, but how will they evolve to meet the challenge of new networks and service delivery models? Download our white paper today to explore the issues and to understand the opportunities.

The Intelligent Network has long provided significant revenue streams for operators, providing the foundation for a host of safety critical and B2B services. It has continued to generate revenue, even while networks have undergone several transitions in core technology and architecture.

In recent years, many operators have sought to preserve these services by migrating them to newer generations of network technology, or ensuring service compatibility and convergence across different networks. At the same time, many vendors have ended support for such services, leaving operators without a clear roadmap to protect key revenue streams.

In addition, today operators are confronted with another new generation of network technology, based on an entirely new architecture, backed by new service models. While the transition to 5G is well underway, a new model for voice services, known as Voice over New Radio, or VoNR, is still taking shape. Of course, any new voice service will have to be compatible with existing voice delivery models, such as VoLTE, 4G circuit-switched fallback and GSM, as well as IN services that are used to direct and coordinate sessions.

This creates new challenges – and opportunities - as new services are conceived. Orchestrating these new services and ensuring that they deliver will be a complex task. The time is right to evolve IN services and to consolidate architectures in readiness for monetisation of 5G and for the protection of existing revenue.

Our new white paper discusses key service delivery principles that need to be considered and adopted in service evolution and migration activities. It explains how new approaches to service delivery are required to meet these challenges and to capitalise on new investments in 5G networks. It is based upon deep experience of delivering IN migration and service consolidation solutions in complex, Tier 1 networks.

So, download our paper today.

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