Are you growing your B2B revenue? Your competitors are.

MNOs are missing out on revenue growth from B2B customers that is being secured by MSPs. Yet, they already have customer attention – what they need is the ability to cost-effectively launch complementary services, optimised for different markets and segments and without increasing operational expenses. How?

According to Analysys Mason, an analyst firm, Managed Service Providers, or MSPs, are currently reaping the benefits of their investments in services by securing consistent revenue growth. Unlike many MNOs, they are building stronger relationships with business customers and continuing to invest in service diversity. As Analysys Mason notes, the key to sustaining this growth is to “expand beyond core service offerings” – essentially to diversify and to do so rapidly, both through direct offers and through partnerships.

In many markets then, MSPs are emerging as challenging and credible competitors to MNO businesses. They are succeeding in capturing mindshare among businesses of all sizes, which are increasingly moving towards the cloud and seeking partners to deliver key capabilities.

MNOs have the opportunity to capitalise on this by adopting the same tactics. It means they must extend their core offer with complementary services that can either strengthen existing relationships (and prevent customers from buying alternative services) or secure new revenue, ensuring that they capitalise on growth opportunities that are currently being exploited by MSPs. If they don’t, all they will be left with is connectivity.

So, where to start? Well, MNOs already have a link to business customers, largely through the mobile connection. The key is to build on this and to deliver new value. To achieve this, MNOs need to do more than simply offer voice and data bundles. They need to understand their customers and to focus on segmentation.

As such, they can target premium products – such as full Mobile PBX services – to higher value customers. They can also evolve Mobile PBX offers, so that they are tuned to the needs of specific verticals, offering a differentiated product to financial services companies, healthcare, logistics and more – or even to roles within such organisations, such as field sales. These offers can be enhanced with complementary services, such as CRM packages or fleet tracking solutions.

They can also offer compelling but simpler services to business users in smaller organisations or independents within large sectors – such as real estate, for example. Such services, such as mobile twinning, basic call hunting can deliver immediate value by connecting people into teams, or branches into seamless units.

The problem has always been that such an approach has required multiple solutions and multiple vendors, which has increased costs and reduced ROI. However, Gintel’s approach is different. Our solutions allow multiple differentiated offers to be launched, managed and evolved on the same platform, so an MNO can simultaneously address multiple markets, segments and opportunities.

With Gintel, ROI is increased, because silos are eliminated and OPEX is reduced, all while delivering value to customers that may stem the flow towards MSPs and other competitors. So, if you’re wondering how to grow revenue, cost-effectively, then why not get in touch to find out how?

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