Blending best of breed with deep integration between communications processes

Operators often don’t exploit the full benefits of different communications service solutions because they don’t enable them to share key triggers and real-time events. Blending capabilities based on optimised exposure to network layers and service triggering can help create more compelling offers – both for existing customers and for recruiting new ones.

Most network operators run a multi-vendor environment these days, choosing different solutions for key business and communications processes. For example, choosing a standalone video and collaboration suite, a centralised call centre for corporate customers, a separate customer care portal, a mobile PBX and so on.

These solutions are usually chosen to align with the segments targeted by the operator – if the focus is on corporate communications, then perhaps different solutions would be chosen than if the focus is on SME customers. In this way, operators assemble a range of offers, some of which provide overlapping functionality, but which are directed to serve clear opportunities.

Increasingly, these silos need to be brought together. This is an area in which we have been very active recently, helping operators create better interaction between service silos, particularly those with real-time performance requirements.

Real-time communications is heavily linked to network exposure, service orchestration and triggering, and integration across networks. Harmonising such environments presents more of a challenge than simply connecting web processes. Real-time communications services, particularly those offered to corporate customers, are subject to stringent performance requirements and strict SLAs.

And, some solutions are optimised for fixed network delivery, while others are oriented towards mobile integration with the MSISDN as the core unit of identity. Unifying capabilities across these very different interfaces can be difficult – but without taking these steps, operators miss out on new opportunities and enhanced service functionality.

Because our solutions are based on a fully modular approach, we are able to quickly adapt interfaces to ensure compatibility between systems and solutions that are optimised for different networks and capabilities. Our expertise ensures that real-time triggering, status and orchestration can be handled effectively, with the right updates presented to each complementary service or application, at the right time.

So, if you aren’t making the most of your deployed service silos, our comprehensive service framework and deep integration expertise can help you to bring them together, capitalising on mobile triggers and converging between different network environments – so that you can effectively orchestrate and blend key services to unlock new value.

SME, Mobile PBX, SLAs

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