Complement and customise – cost-effective differentiation

Businesses want differentiated propositions, but most UC solutions are unable to deliver as they are uniform, commodity platforms. Today’s business and enterprise customers want more, and are eagerly finding their own solutions to support transformation efforts. Operators need to think about differentiation and how to achieve it, at scale, cost-effectively, so that they can complement new connectivity offers with highly targeted and specific B2B service offers. With Gintel, you can.

As the unified communications market has matured, there has been increasing convergence between platforms. One result of this is that service providers are essentially limited to offering the same things to their customers. They do not – and cannot – differentiate their offer to ensure some level of competitive advantage. The commodity-driven approach means that customers have little to choose from – and therefore little incentive for loyalty to their service providers. 

At the same time, businesses are increasingly seeking to transform their businesses through the adoption of new digital processes. But, they are adopting tools that are suited to their marketplaces and which help them in their own sectors. That’s because there are new solutions that are optimised for different vertical markets and which are aligned with the needs of businesses in each. Often, there are specialist vendors that focus on only a handful of segments, reflecting a deep understanding of the specific requirements of a particular domain.

So, why are operators so focused on selling what is essentially the same thing to businesses that increasingly search for solutions that are tuned to their needs? As we move towards 5G, in which mobile operators will attempt to deliver connectivity that is optimised for specific sectors, why aren’t more working out how communications needs in general differ between sectors? 

One answer is that they perceive it to be costly to deliver differentiated products. But, their ability to capitalise on 5G will largely depend on how they can support an increasing number of use cases. To achieve this, they will have to manage their costs, so there is no negative operational impact. They need to be able to add differentiated communications offers to this mix.

And, with Gintel, they can. Our approach, based on decades of experience, is oriented around the goal of enabling cost-effective, rapid differentiation. We provide, not only core services, but the ability to tune them according to specific requirements – for a specific sector or for a specific business. 

This approach is entirely complementary to the evolved connectivity solutions that providers must deliver. It allows full alignment with the requirements of different verticals, while enabling delivery at scale, backed by Tier 1 performance. Businesses do not want a single vanilla solution. They want and need something that fits their own digital evolution and transformation strategy, and which can evolve with them. That’s what we enable.

If you want to understand how you can achieve differentiation for your customers, together with evolution to complement new connectivity options, you should talk to our team. We can help you deliver differentiated B2B services, support agile adaptability, while reducing costs.

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