Private Campus Networks – provide a differentiated, dedicated service to businesses

Demand for wireless private campus networks is set to surge. As holders of licensed spectrum, operators need to target this market. A completely integrated communications and service suite is a key part of this proposition, supported by the flexibility to customise and integrate solutions to meet the needs of each enterprise. Operators need the right partners, such as Gintel, to succeed.

According to many, there’s growing interest from the business community for the deployment of dedicated, secure wireless private campus networks. While some enterprises may have the size and scale to obtain their own spectrum, most will depend on MNOs to deliver what they need, as a recent report from Arthur D Little, a consultancy firm, makes clear[1].

This trend is already gathering momentum. Partly driven by a need for cost-effective (wireless) automation, evolving adoption of solutions such as AR/VR is likely to lead to growing demand. While newer variants of LTE can already offer enhanced performance to support such requirements, the arrival of 5G and the more widespread availability of network slicing will accelerate uptake.

Naturally, there’s growing recognition of this opportunity. Alternative providers and solution vendors are watching the situation eagerly, particularly as unlicensed spectrum can also be considered a viable option for many use cases.

MNOs must take action to defend their position and to attack this emerging market. According to Arthur D Little, “operators need to prepare strategically in order to attack the opportunity effectively. Creating the right product/service portfolio is one requirement.”

So, what should operators do to ensure they can secure their share of this opportunity and to defend against newcomers? Well, a private campus network has multiple components. Of course, there’s spectrum – and, as holders of licensed, paid for spectrum assets, operators need to secure a return on their investments – but there are also other elements, such as infrastructure, devices, services, management and applications. This is illustrated in the figure below, taken from the report.

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To be effective, a private network must comprise all of these. Now, the interesting thing is that each such network is likely to be somewhat different. That’s because the whole point of a private network is to provide very specific capabilities that meet the needs of different enterprises and industries. Operators need to be able to deliver these, in a secure and efficient manner.

All of which brings us back to services. Operators must be able to provide a complete suite of communications capabilities, integrated into the package. Users of private networks will expect a completely integrated solution.

This means that a one-size-fits-all approach to communications, alongside other capabilities demanded by enterprises, will simply not be tenable. Operators need to be able to craft the communications offer to complement other requirements and to deliver a comprehensive, integrated solution, with customisation for each customer.

That’s where we can help. Gintel’s service suite offers a flexible, modular approach, with rich customisation and integration possibilities. We allow operators to deliver the highly bespoke communications solutions, integrated with other service capabilities, that will be fundamental to achieving a differentiated position in the growing market for private wireless networks. As Arthur D Little notes “the ability to deliver these service modules is crucial and will require operators to surround themselves with the right partners”. Partners such as Gintel.

So, if you are wondering how to build a completely integrated but flexible communications proposition to enable you to target the private campus network opportunity, you should talk to our team.


[1] Arthur D Little Viewpoint, “Private Campus Networks”.

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