Gintel scales the heights, as Genesis climbs a mountain

Recent news from the Eureka consortium highlights the success of the Celtic Genesis project in realising demanding project goals for the delivery of telephony services. The Genesis project, in which Gintel has played a leading role, has demonstrated how next-generation network architectures can be used to cost-effectively bring IP broadband services to the most challenging environments.

The goal of universal broadband access has been hindered by an obvious problem: universal means just that, taking broadband access reliably and securely into any region, no matter how remote. The Genesis project sought to confront this challenge, developing a prototype system that could be tested under extreme conditions. Working hand-in-hand with Embou, an Internet Service Provider whose operations covered the remote valleys of the high Pyrenees, the consortium was able to deliver advanced broadband services across a WiMax infrastructure to both residential and business customers.

As a member of the consortium, Gintel’s Easy Virtual PaBX platform was used to provide hosted VoIP services to Embou’s customers. The prototyping and trial phases provide important validation that the Easy Virtual PaBX architecture can be deployed across even the most challenging IP environments. As IP migration proceeds, universal service requirements mean that advanced services must be delivered right to the edge of the network. This important trial demonstrates that Gintel’s technology is adaptable to any IP-enabled environment, whether the access is via wireless (e.g. WiMax), or fixed technologies.

Service providers seek reassurance that their solutions can be delivered to the widest possible set of potential customers, ensuring that they address the maximum possible market opportunity. The success of the trial system provides a template for service delivery and market development in even the most challenging environments, proving that new markets can be uncovered with the support of IP infrastructure. Some of Europe’s most innovative and entrepreneurial companies, including Gintel, have collaborated to demonstrate that valuable, revenue generating services really can be delivered reliably across any broadband IP infrastructure. Read more about the Celtic Genesis project here.

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