MNOs face market saturation – differentiation is key. Meet Gintel at MWC and learn how.

Consumer markets are saturated. Growth is negligible. Where can new revenues be found? Find out how Gintel can help you launch differentiated offers for B2B segments. Meet our team at MWC.

As Mobile World Congress approaches, a new report from the GSMA, whose flagship event this is, is timely. But, it should make readers stop and think. According to the report, “saturation of the total addressable market is edging closer[1]”. While there is growth in some regions – although even this is hardly forecast to reach stellar proportions – growth in Europe in terms of net subscriber additions is expected to reach a miserly 0.4% CAGR between 2017 and 2025.

In short, there are few new subscribers entering the market. Those that do are as likely to choose a low-cost MVNO supplier as they are an MNO. They are highly unlikely to unlock new revenue for established providers and will only add to the competitive pressure faced by all. Worse, the same report expects minimal revenue growth – predicting a rise in mobile revenues from €143 billion in 2017 to €144 billion in 2025. Operators that hope to enjoy significant growth as a result of their investments in LTE and 5G are set to be disappointed, for the time being at least.

Something has to change. Mobile operators and providers need to look beyond consumers for revenue opportunities. While many are investing in IoT, this remains an emerging market with both considerable uncertainty and a highly fragmented ecosystem. Roles are being defined and many MNOs will act purely as connectivity providers.

That leaves B2B. B2B customers are at a crossroads. In many countries, investments in fixed line solutions have dominated, with mobility as a secondary connection. That’s no longer the case. As we have seen, for both smaller and the largest organisations, mobile is becoming the preferred means of connectivity and the mobile is becoming the primary device. As such, mobile providers cannot afford to overlook the opportunity to offer differentiated B2B services to meet these needs.

So, they need to do more. But, for many, determining exactly how they can meet the mobile needs of B2B customers has proven challenging. That’s why, if you are coming to MWC, you should meet Gintel.

We will share our experience in launching valuable B2B services with leading operators around the world and explore how we can help you to offer a range of differentiated services for business and enterprise customers. We also provide some specialised consumer applications.

Meet our team and we’ll show you how you can:

  • Introduce valuable, revenue-generating B2B services
  • Enable integration of voice and IoT applications
  • Migrate legacy IN solutions to new, converged architecture
  • Enable B2B-focused second-brand MVNO or MVNE offers
  • Transform B2B services ready for 5G launch
  • Deliver powerful services across 2G, 3G, 4G and VoLTE 

Importantly, we can offer cloud-based as well as network-based deployments - and a range of services can be hosted in the same platform, allowing different segments to be addressed at the same time. So, why not make the most of your time at MWC and meet our team?


[1] GSMA, “The Mobile Economy Europe, 2018”.

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