Analysys Mason predicts new demand for FMC offers from SMEs – can MNOs deliver?

Business customers are expected to seek FMC offers, with an integrated solution from a single provider. MNOs are best-placed to capitalise on this – learn how you can offer business-class FMC with a fully optimised mobile experience.

 You’ve probably seen the usual crop of predictions for 2019, many of which can safely be ignored. Some, however, demand your attention – and should inspire you to action. According to Analysys Mason, a consultancy firm, less than half of companies currently take fixed and mobile services from the same provider. As a result, Analysys Mason confidently predicts that 2019 will see an increasing number switch and opt to take both services from the same provider.

All well and good, but perhaps what it’s going to take to make this happen – and giving consideration to the likelihood that businesses may well begin to move away en masse from fixed altogether in the coming years.

While a fully mobile solution is increasingly attractive for many, a mobile-led FMC offer can also provide many advantages. Providing fixed integration from mobile platforms is a key step towards this goal – and MNOs need to ensure that they can offer legacy capabilities as well as compelling mobile offers.

MNOs also need to ensure that they can offer the breadth of capabilities demanded by SMEs – this means they must embrace both fixed and mobile connectivity, so they can make a single offer, as well as business communication functionality that can provide an enhanced experience for business users. Key to winning market share – and driving future evolution to a mobile-only experience – is to provide a single bill and purchasing interface.

So, MNOs need to ensure that they offer:

  • Comprehensive mobile services
  • Fixed access, for those who want it
  • Mobile PBX / UC capabilities, to add value to their connectivity bundles

If demand for FMC is likely to grow, MNOs need to be ready. How? Well, Gintel can help. We have been enabling MNOs to offer completely integrated FMC offers with rich Mobile PBX and UC capabilities for years. Our MNO customers can provide a complete package to their customers, which results in a compelling offer and experience. They are able to capitalise on demand for FMC, but with the promise of a mobile-optimised solution – providing businesses with the single package they demand but also with one aligned with the increasingly mobile workforce.

You can learn how by reading our recent case study. It explains how an FMC offer was launched by an MVNO and how it has been enthusiastically adopted. Read our case study or get in touch to learn more. We can help you meet the demand Analysys Mason predicts – so don’t miss out on the opportunity to take leadership in your market.

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