Accelerating service innovation and creation for business customers

How do you provide the constant innovation and service creation capabilities you need to stay ahead of the needs of your business customers? How can you ensure that you really deliver differentiated services, not simply one-size-fits-all? Making sure you can innovate is key for lasting engagement and relevance.

 An interesting panel on B2B opportunities rounded off two excellent days in London at the MVNOs Europe event earlier in November. Among other topics, the issue of service innovation and creation attracted some excellent contributions.

It’s an important issue, as traditional thinking about business customers has often been quite limited. Either a customer comes from the business segment or not, either they take a specific service, or they don’t. However, there’s much more scope for innovation, if only MVNOs and MNOs would seize the opportunity.

The thing is, as was made clear, business customers are not all the same. They come from companies of different sizes, they operate in different sectors, people have different roles and so on. All of which means that a one-size-fits-all approach simply isn’t good enough for today’s business customers.

As the panellists noted, service providers need to constantly think about how they can meet the needs of business users – but they must also be ready to change what they offer and how they provide it, to take account of evolving requirements.

To achieve this, they need two things. First, develop a clear understanding of requirements, which comes from real engagement with customers. Second, obtain the ability to implement these lessons, and to tweak and tune services to meet and anticipate customer needs.

Our customers have deep experience in delivering business solutions that evolve and which secure economic value for their customers and for their own operations. They are able to iterate new products and features, thanks to the flexibility of the Gintel solutions they deploy.

These allow mobile operators, MVNOs, ISPs and SIs to improve profitability by allowing them to offer advanced value-added services to their own end users. The services they provide enable their business customers to become more efficient, productive and profitable.

We enable flexibility, agility, scalability, ROI, rapid time to market and future-proofing. Our platform also enables innovation – it can adapt to almost any technology, and provides customisable, feature-rich, and adaptable mobile solutions for our customers and their customers.

Our platform is unique in being able to offer both volume and specialist solutions, capabilities and features within a single deployment and at the same time, ensuring that it meets all of our customers’ requirements now and in the future.

It is these capabilities that service providers need if they are to enable the innovation and service creation that their customers demand. So, if you want to accelerate service creation and innovation, you need the right toolkit. Why not talk to Gintel to find out how we can equip your business for business?

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