How can consumer MVNO brands do more for their small business customers?

Many consumer brands have been surprised to discover that they actually number many small business users in their subscriber base. They’re wondering what they can do to add more value. The answer is simple – micro business services provide new monetisation opportunities for even the smallest business customer. Find out how.

At the recent MVNOs Europe conference, the absolute necessity of understanding your subscriber base was made abundantly clear. We had a number of conversations with well-known consumer brand MVNOs in which they stated that they had discovered a surprising number of business customers in their subscriber base.

This is not surprising. Many smaller businesses and startups are acutely cost-conscious, so may opt for a low-priced service so that they can manage costs. If it works and suits their needs, there may be no incentive to change to a different service at a later date. As a result, many other consumer brands probably also have a good number of business customers, even if they do not realise it.

The question we were asked, as a B2B specialist, is what can I do for such customers? In other words, how can I provide services that meet their needs? This is a good question – after all, they don’t fit the profile of a typical corporate or enterprise customer.

Happily, there are several good answers to this question. The vast majority of businesses are, in fact, owned and operated by the same person. They may have only one employee, but this owner/operator still needs to protect, manage and separate business calls from personal ones. This calls for network-based call management, to allow them to select when to present opening hours, screen calls based on status indicators, and to present the right identity.

All of these capabilities are what we call “micro business services”. They allow consumer-focused MVNOs (and MNOs) to provide new capabilities that help even the smallest business benefit from advanced, network-based call management capabilities. Imagine, for example, giving business users a number for their business, with the ability to control status, set presentation number, use multiple MSISDNs (for business and private identities) for the same device and much more – all delivered over the mobile network to one or more mobile devices.

It opens up a new set of simple monetisation opportunities and value-added offers that can appeal to small business customers for whom group call management solutions don’t make sense. If their business grows or if they add colleagues, then team-based services can be added. Such simple propositions will sit well with no-frills mobile services.

All you need to do is identify which of your subscribers is a business customer – but it’s clear that many consumer brands may actually have significant numbers of business customers. Why not give them something more valuable alongside their existing subscriptions?

Find out more with our handbook for business micro-services.

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