How blending ICT services can help grow enterprise revenue to replace declining core voice services

Many operators are seeing significant, sustained growth in enterprise service revenue. How are they achieving this and what lessons can be learnt? Find out why an integrated portfolio of ICT and voice services is essential to boost B2B revenues.

Many operators have responded to the challenge of declining voice revenues by turning their attention to the enterprise market. Not all such attempts have succeeded, usually because the operators concerned have simply thought about businesses as a larger group of customers – instead of a single user, they just think about 10s, 100s or 1000s of users in an account.

They do not think about differentiation, adapting to the needs of specific businesses and so on. Such efforts are more based on pure numbers and long-term contracts than any real investment in specific business services. They are also a recipe for long-term stagnation or even decline.

However, some efforts have had notable success – and these success stories provide insights that are instructive for others who which to emulate them. Research by Analysys Mason has found that a growing number of operators has enjoyed double-digit growth from their enterprise business units. Crucially, this growth seems to have been sustained over several quarters, according to the cohort that has been tracked.

Analysys Mason attributes this growth to the growing diversity of ICT services that operators are offering to their business customers. In other words, operators that are building successful enterprise and B2B businesses are focusing on adding value beyond connectivity and classical packages.

Instead, they are building out UC and managed voice services, backed by other, complementary capabilities as they broaden their ICT portfolio, such as security, payment and so on.

The results indicate the importance of a consolidated, comprehensive enterprise service offer. Prerequisites include:

·      Flexible connectivity options, across multiple sites with migration to SD-WAN

·      Core mobile offer

·      Hosted voice and UC

·      Growing, specialist ICT service portfolio

·      Flexibility to tailor offers to different segments

·      Understanding of the importance of business size in crafting offers

Success in the enterprise domain takes effort, but with the right ingredients it can help operators outperform consumer portfolios for key indicators – and help them protect revenues. Key to this is the recognition that services do not exist in isolation but rather depend on a blended portfolio that can evolve to address new and future requirements.

Our experience backs this point. Our operator customers serve millions of subscribers and they typically use advanced voice services, differentiated for distinct segments as a key lever. They then layer on new services and capabilities, ensuring that they consistently deliver value while evolving new offers. This reinforces existing relationships, adds new options to monetise while increasing attractiveness to new potential clients.

We can help operators take a core offer and evolve their B2B service portfolio, as part of an integrated solution. If you want to boost your enterprise business, find out how with Gintel.

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