How to integrate Centrex with mobile pre-paid...

The pros and cons of pre-paid versus post-paid mobile subscription models have been debated for many years, but what is not in doubt is the popularity of the prepaid mobile subscription model. Surprisingly, perhaps, a significant number of business mobile users use pre-paid mobile subscriptions.

Mobile network operators (MNOs) and service providers are aware that enterprise employees represent a potentially massive target market for the provision of hosted voice services. For MNOs and service providers, enterprises also represent a higher Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) and greater Average Margin Per User (AMPU) than consumer subscribers. In other words, enterprises yield more money at greater profit.

There is compelling evidence that hosted or Centrex solutions, based on IP technology targeted at mobile and fixed customers, represent a strong business case.

However, the popularity of pre-paid subscriptions, particularly within enterprise markets, still represents a technical challenge. Hosted solutions must be able to track and manage all transactions, whether from pre- or post-paid accounts. MNOs need a Centrex solution that can integrate both pre- and post-paid subscribers into their accounting systems to ensure smooth delivery of services, regardless of the method of payment. How can this be achieved? Read our white paper to find out!

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