Differentiation – how Gintel helps service providers

Innovation is essential. It helps service providers differentiate and stay ahead of the market. But, with many stuck with monolithic enterprise communications platforms, how can service providers secure the differentiation they need?

According to Cavell Group, service providers will increasingly “not only rely on platform vendors to provide innovation and differentiation, but look at self development and integration”. That’s because competition is growing in the enterprise market, not only from established players, but also from newer entrants. As a result, it’s more important than ever for service providers to ensure that, while their enterprise strategy continues to evolve, they also ensure they have the tools to deliver.

Service providers need the ability to anticipate and respond to changes in the marketplace. On one level, this means they need to be able to create packages or launch new offers. On another, it means they must be able to change existing services and create new variants that meet the needs of different target subscriber segments. Both mean that they need flexibility – and many monolithic, legacy platforms cannot deliver.

This requires a flexible platform that can accommodate such changes, and which allows service providers to make the tweaks and tuning that they need to ensure continuous differentiation and innovation. Many solutions cannot deliver this flexibility, which makes the service provider dependent on the platform vendor.

However, Gintel’s Easy Business Communication Suite is not only a comprehensive enterprise and SME voice solution, it also includes an integrated service creation environment. That’s because it is based on deep expertise and understanding of intelligent network design, which involved micro service creation and adaptation through customisation portals.

Easy Designer allows service providers to make highly granular changes to services and then to deploy them in real-time, with no down time. It’s service innovation on the fly, delivering powerful tools to service providers.

This is also backed by a rich API, which means that Gintel’s solution can be integrated with other systems. So, service providers can both create new services and extend their capabilities by connecting to external platforms. That doesn’t just mean the usual range of enterprise software, such as CRM systems, it also means service can be extended to IoT, messaging and other assets, creating new value that can be delivered across the existing carrier-grade infrastructure.

As service providers seek to differentiate, they need to know that they have invested in solutions that can adapt and evolve and be connected to their wider asset base. That’s what Gintel offers. If you want to explore innovation opportunities, just get in touch to find out more!

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