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Operators continue to deliver a limited range of services to many of their business customers and yet many are also investing heavily in new analytics and assurance solutions in order to obtain deeper insight into customer experience. These may help, but it’s missing the point: operators already know a great deal about their customers and that they are embracing cloud services. As the original providers of cloud services, why not build on their existing relationships to offer a better experience to business customers?

Customer experience has become a hugely important topic in our industry, with many operators and service providers making investments in analytics solutions in attempts to deliver more consistent service quality and to better understand user behaviour. Such efforts offer much promise for the future, but many of these benefits will take time to emerge. Meanwhile, many operators continue to deliver only a limited range of services, with a largely consumer focus. Even those that have invested heavily in content have found that significant profits remain elusive.

While insights may help refine services or create more personalised experiences and engagement in the future, operators do not need deep analytic insight to be able to offer more to their customers. Instead, they should also be thinking about things they already know.

All businesses strive to become more efficient and to enhance productivity. Even the smallest are eagerly embracing new technology to help achieve these goals and to enhance automation within their organisations. In particular, with the shift to cloud service delivery, many applications are now within reach of almost any organisation, based on simple subscription models. Businesses are already trying to build a better experience for their employees.

In fact, these efforts neatly match the existing capability set of operators. They have, in practice, been in the business of delivering cloud services for decades. A telephone service is bought and paid for on a monthly or consumption model, regardless of whether it’s pre- or post-paid, fixed or mobile. And yet, while businesses are finding their own cloud solutions to add capabilities or to solve challenges, such as effective CRM, book-keeping, email and more, most operators continue to push the same basic product portfolio – voice, messaging and data.

Operators need to recognise that businesses have already changed their behaviour. We don’t need deep analytic insight to understand that businesses want to save time, to collaborate more effectively and to ensure they can manage all internal and external communication.

Businesses need the ability to better coordinate their communications between employees, sharing information to make sure that customers can reach a real person, while managing time spent engaged in other activities. Operators can help them achieve this, delivering a better experience as a result.

And, operators already have a clear advantage here. They already have relationships with business customers, unlike many cloud providers who are trying to attract new customers. So, operators should be thinking about what a company of, say five people might need, or what one with 50 employees could want.

Operators can deliver a better experience today, simply by adding new capabilities to the subscription services they offer. They can easily provide solutions for SoHo, SME and Corporate customers, as extensions to existing packages – and they benefit from the customer relationship, so they are not starting from scratch. What’s needed is not more insight, but rather a determination to take action and to offer more to existing customers.

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