If you’re a mobile service provider, you should offer hosted PBX, says Eastern Management Group

Confronted with saturation and downward price pressure, mobile service providers need to do more. With a captive audience of subscribers, many of which are in smaller companies, there’s a clear opportunity to offer hosted and mobile PBX solutions.

Eastern Management Group has made a strident call for mobile service providers to include hosted PBX in their portfolios, it has been reported. According to a recent article, mobile (wireless) service providers are wrestling with market saturation and downward price pressure. Hosted PBX offers a way to rapidly expand their addressable market, with a service that can be sold in addition to their existing bundle offers.

The report goes further, suggesting that mobile service providers should specifically target their efforts towards SoHo users. Several reasons are given for this. First, larger companies have been targeted by established UCaaS specialists, who typically offer VoIP-based solutions. Second, many mobile service providers, while seeking to establish an enterprise footprint, have struggled to convince CIOs (Analysys Mason has made this point repeatedly). Third, mobile service providers have the resources to service SoHo customers, through support centres, billing capabilities and more, so they can cost-effectively and profitably serve their needs.

However, of paramount importance is that they already have a customer connection, through the provision of the mobile subscription offers. It’s not a case of acquiring a new customer, but rather of selling to an existing user whose needs are not currently being met. Of course, they may use the service to attract new customers, but with a captive market audience, conversion can be dramatically simplified.

All of which is true and it’s a puzzle why fewer mobile service providers are not embracing the opportunity. Doing so is easy. And, starting with SoHo customers can, as others have also noted, pave the way for a more concerted move into larger enterprise accounts, most of which also have mobile subscriptions. With hosted PBX, they can grow ARPU beyond basic subscription revenue and build a more profitable business, while preparing to add complementary services through time.

So, what’s stopping mobile service providers? With the right partner, services can be deployed quickly and easily, typically in a couple of months. That’s why we’ve introduced a number of simple offers to help kick-start the process, from try and buy to PoC trials that can help accelerate adoption.

Why not get in touch so we can show you how to add hosted PBX to your portfolio, with the ability to tightly integrate with your network and to offer the best possible user experience?

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