Skype for Business – integrate with your mobile and hosted offers

Skype for Business is becoming increasingly popular as a tool for internal communication. Adding value by enabling integration with mobile services helps business customers boost efficiency and productivity and supports the mobile workforce.

There’s no doubt that Skype for Business (SfB) adoption is soaring. According to some recent statistics, there are now more than 100 million enterprise seats globally, with more than 55% of organisations making use of the service in one way or another. This growth has been powered by the general trend of migration towards Office 365.

SfB is included in many subscription bundles, so businesses have been able to adopt it with little extra effort. It’s proven to be particularly useful as a tool for internal communication and for meetings. However, it remains largely a desktop application and, while SfB offers undoubted benefits, an increasingly mobile workforce may not be taking full advantage of the capabilities it offers.

That’s why there’s a growing opportunity for mobile service providers to enhance and extend SfB by enabling integration with hosted voice service offers. For example, Gintel’s EBCS allows deep integration with SfB, which enables presence to be shared between desktop clients and mobile devices. Mobile status is captured by the Gintel solution and provided to SfB clients via APIs. If a colleague calls on SfB, parallel ringing on the mobile can be enabled, across any network, which provides a completely mobile experience while ensuring that users are connected to their enterprise networks too.

We’ve been delivering SfB integration to mobile operators for many years and the results have been extremely popular, but the recent upsurge in adoption has led to new interest from all around the world. As such, it’s clear that it’s a significant source of new value for mobile service providers. They can offer a simple integration path to business users that enhances SfB and delivers a more efficient service, building traction and boosting loyalty.

As mobile service providers search for ways to enhance their B2B portfolio, they need to consider how their offers can interact with third party services. Enabling SfB integration is just one possibility. With EBCS, it’s proven, easily achievable and can be enabled as a simple add on to a deployment, through Gintel’s module service approach.

Since your customers are likely to be using it anyway, it’s an obvious step. Why not find out how to add value to business customers through a powerful, yet valuable solution that helps them achieve productivity and efficiency goals?

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