Who still uses a desk phone for conference calls – why aren’t mobile operators seizing the initiative?

Business users are increasingly preferring to use their mobile to access conference services. Desk phones are being left behind and the trend is sure to continue. MNOs should capitalise on this and offer conference services to business customers directly, instead of simply carrying their traffic to other service providers.

According to a recent report published by Mobile World Live, most business customers access conferences calls from their mobiles, most of the time. The research shows that nearly 60% of business customers use a desk phone for conference calls less than 25% of the time.

Given people’s preference for their mobile, the number of conference calls from desk phones is sure to decline much further – and could even disappear entirely. So, why aren’t mobile operators capitalising on this and offering more conferencing services for their business customers?

This is odd, because despite other forms of collaboration, audio conferencing remains hugely important, particularly for increasingly distributed teams. Sometimes, a simple phone conversation is the key to organisational efficiency, understanding a problem and agreeing the way forward.

Conference calls remove the need for physical meetings, reducing travel expenses, and bring people together quickly and easily. They are convenient, useful and help businesses. And, since their entire point is to ensure inclusion without the hassle of assembling in a meeting room, it’s unsurprising to learn that people increasingly prefer to use their mobiles to dial into the bridge.

Mobile operators should be capitalising on this – after all, they provide mobile services, so why not the conference service too? Conferencing is an integral function of the Gintel Easy Business Communications Suite, available as an option or as a standalone function. It makes it easy to create an ad hoc or schedule conference, controlled by each user from their device or web portal.

With desk phone use sure to decline even further, conferencing is simply one of the must-have business services mobile operators should be offering. If they don’t, they’ll be missing out. Why not find out how you can offer more to your business customers? Talk to Gintel today.

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