RCS and the Enterprise Chat Opportunity – Why Call Control Matters

RCS has largely failed to deliver on its initial promise, but all is not lost. The latest release of RCS unlocks a wide range of new possibilities for customer engagement through automated chats and interactive messaging. Connecting RCS platforms to ACD and PBX solutions can enhance customer engagement and service delivery.

It’s safe to say that P2P RCS hasn’t set the world alight, but a number of recent announcements suggest that RCS may receive a surprising boost in the coming months and years. This won’t, however, come from consumers in the sense of classical P2P messaging, but instead is expected from growing interest from businesses in A2P messaging.

Businesses are increasingly using messaging as a tool to communicate with their customers. Classical SMS has been very useful in this regard, but the enhanced capabilities of RCS open new possibilities. In particular, RCS can be used as a tool for customer engagement and chats, through websites as well as OTA message delivery. Many of these chats can be automated, based on a new class of chatbots, backed by AI, that can be connected via APIs to RCS servers. However, there will also be cases in which an automated dialogue may need to move to a person to person conversation – which means RCS-enabled chat sessions must be able to break out to agents in call centres.

This requires integration with ACD functionality and the sort of PBX capabilities that enable agents to be located and for call handling logic to be applied. This means that enterprise RCS solutions should be connected to UC platforms that offer ACD and PBX functionality, so that the right person from the right department and with the right skills can be connected to customers to handle their queries.

As analyst firm Ovum notes in a recent report[1], RCS Universal Profile Release 2 has the potential to unlock a host of new use cases that have real revenue-generating potential, and which add value to consumers. Efforts to monetise RCS have, to date, proven to be fruitless. With MNOs struggling to find new sources of growth, they need to pay attention to ways in which they can use the technology to find income from new partners – in particular, those that already take advantage of A2P SMS.

So, if you are interested in ways of leveraging RCS to unlock new enterprise revenue, then you will need to ensure that you have the necessary ways to connect chat and messaging to call handling and ACD solutions – which is where we can help. Our advanced call handling solutions can easily be connected to RCS platforms to enable a seamless, multi-channel experience and to bring new forms of customer engagement to your business. Talk to Gintel to find out more.

[1] Telcos’ Opportunities for RCS in the Enterprise

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