Customer satisfaction boosts business performance – help your B2B customers build better relationships

Multi language capabilities help boost customer satisfaction in multi-lingual countries or across regions. Ensuring UC and virtual PBX solutions are optimised for local needs can help your customers deliver a better experience to their customers, driving your own B2B revenue. Find out why this matters.

In many countries, there is a diversity of languages to support. This can be due to historical reasons, or it may be that there is a large target community that has brought its native language to a new environment. For whatever the reason, service providers often need to use multi-lingual capabilities to deliver a more personal experience to their customers.

In a business context, this can make a huge difference to the perception of the company and the experience enjoyed by customers. Since many calls are answered by automated systems, the ability to screen calls and to playback announcements in an appropriate language can create a better sense of engagement. Similarly, in countries in which languages are mostly spoken according to geographic location, allowing companies to choose the default language for their business communications tools is an important consideration.

At Gintel, we’re well aware of this issue and have been careful to provide the flexibility in our Easy Business Communications Suite that our service provider customers need. As a result, a provider that operates in a multi-lingual country can offer its business customers a choice of default languages for IVR announcements. This can be location-based, so that if a company is situated in a region in which a specific language dominates, they can default to this.

It can also be dynamic, according to the originating number of the calling party. If they are calling from region A, with language B as the dominant tongue, they will be greeted in the most likely language.

This isn’t just a nice feature of our solutions. Customer experience has become a huge issue for all businesses. For example, a survey by the UK’s Institute of Customer of Service (“UK Customer Satisfaction Index”, January 2017) found a strong correlation between business performance and customer satisfaction. Happy customers are loyal customers. Boosting customer satisfaction can have a positive impact on retail sales performance. Satisfied customers trust their providers more.

Whichever way you look at it and whatever the industry, it’s important to offer customers the right experience from the outset. So, as a service provider, it’s vital that you equip your business customers with the tools they need to deliver the right experience to their customers and to help them with every step of the journey they take. This often begins with a simple phone call, so ensuring that businesses can offer a more personalised experience, with the right language is an important, though often overlooked, contributor to the creation of a favourable impression. It’s the start of better engagement, better understanding and can make an important contribution to business performance.

As a service provider, you need to give your business customers more than connectivity and minutes. You need to help them build a better business – and ensuring that you can meet local needs and regional variations is an important step towards this. If you want to know more about how to help your business customers boost customer satisfaction and to explore why this matters, why not get in touch with Gintel? We’ll help you build a proposition for your market and ensure it’s aligned with local needs.

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