Gintel helps Network Norway achieve strategic goals...

Network Norway is Norway's third Mobile Operator and launched commercial services in the beginning of 2007. Network Norway's strategy is to become a leading player in the Norwegian Mobile Market and challenge the duopoly created by the established operators. After just two years of operations, Network Norway has acquired 8% market share, achieved through a series of mergers and acquisitions in the service provider MVNO market and organic growth in the B2B market.

In September 2007 Network Norway launched a dedicated suite of services targeted towards enterprise customers. The flagship service is the "Mobile Enterprise" product, based on the Easy Virtual PaBX solution from Gintel.

Easy Virtual PaBX is a comprehensive framework allowing operators to host and offer advanced virtual PaBX solutions for enterprises and SMEs. The service controls the behaviour of internal, outgoing and incoming calls to all employees, switchboard and common numbers, adding functionality for both the caller and the end user. Easy Virtual PaBX implements the corporate telephony plan with special charging and number plans for all types of traffic.

Easy Virtual PaBX features private numbering plans for voice and SMS, screening/barring schemes based on different criteria, any-to-any calls, hunting lists, corporate and user defined rules, call forwarding, call capture, call transfer and calling line presentation. A net-centric web based switchboard operator solution is also provided offering employee status monitoring, call capture, call transfer, etc. A set of user-friendly tools and typical scenarios addressing call flows, provisioning and charging aspects are available for solution design and service deployment. Crucially, the service does not require any special handset upgrades or rely on client software that is delivered to the mobile. This makes implementation and service activation very simple and does not introduce hidden costs as the service can be accessed on any mobile handset.

With Easy Virtual PaBX, Network Norway has been able to make a dramatic impact on the Norwegian mobile market. At service launch, as a new entrant, Network Norway did not have a legacy subscriber base, but had high expectations of rapid growth. The initial system architecture was conceived for 250,000 subscribers, with licenses activated for up to 10,000, enabling Network Norway to scale from an entry level platform to a market-leading position. "From the outset, it was clear that there was a huge opportunity to meet the needs of businesses, but we needed to be able to address all levels of the market - including SoHo and SME users, which have typically been underserved by operators. Gintel's Easy Virtual PaBX allowed us to create differentiated packages that supported that focus, enabling us to gain market share rapidly", commented Rolf Paulsen, Director of Product Management at Network Norway.

Between September 2007 and August 2009, Network Norway grew to offer services to 40,000 subscribers, making it the fastest growing operator for enterprise services in the Norwegian market. By year-end 2009, 50,000 subscribers are predicted. This dramatic growth has been achieved through a combination of superior product offer, sophisticated marketing and exceptional customer support. Currently, Network Norway has licenses to support 50,000 subscribers, providing head-room for continued growth. The flexibility of licensing Easy Virtual PaBX has contributed significantly to Network Norway's business planning, allowing them to provision capacity in line with actual growth and to forecast acquisition to match the results of their growth.

Network Norway's success has been underpinned by marketing and sales campaigns, leveraging a broad mix of communications media. Advertising has been widely used, across traditional print channels as well as via Internet portals. Additionally, Network Norway targeted business travellers via in-flight promotions with Norwegian Airlines, and dedicated customer events and road shows. Network Norway invested heavily in developing a supporting brand for the Mobile Enterprise product that could be used consistently across a range of media.

In addition to marketing programmes and campaigns, Network Norway developed a direct sales strategy to support its promotional efforts. With the right sales personnel and direct account responsibility, Network Norway has been able to build relationships with actual and prospective customers. To ensure the broadest reach, Network Norway also invested in a complementary dealer network, allowing it to access all segments of the enterprise market.

To date, customer satisfaction has been high, with a wide range of users adopting Mobile Enterprise. These range from companies in the SME segment, but also extend to classical enterprises, some with many hundreds of users, demonstrating the attractiveness and easy scale of offer based on the Easy Virtual PaBX platform.

Network Norway also launched a variety of packages, allowing users to select a bundle suited to their needs. With a base price of approximately €7 per user per month, there is considerable flexibility. In all packages, internal calls between employees are free, but users can also select options to include up to 3000 external call minutes per month for just over €30 per month. With each package, additional features are offered, including options to include the switchboard functionality and to add data rates. "It's the flexibility of Gintel's system that has allowed us to achieve this - traditional offers have neglected certain elements of the market. We saw the potential to grow market penetration of these services by being competitive and listening to what our customers wanted", added Mr Paulsen.

Network Norway has introduced flexibility and clarity to the enterprise market, allowing users to gain the benefits of a mobile IP Centrex solution, based on Easy Virtual PaBX, supported by a range of attractive offers and packages, designed to ensure there is a bundle to attract users from segments of the business community.

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