MWC looks to the future with 5G – but don’t neglect this year’s revenue

5G is on its way but won’t generate revenue for some years to come. That’s why you need to think about current revenue goals. Meet Gintel at MWC to learn how to protect key service revenue, target B2B customers and grow revenue while preparing for the 5G transition.

MWC is just over a month away and the industry is gearing up for the latest announcements. With the 5G standards having recently been agreed, there’s no doubt that much of the focus will be on the next generation of mobile technology and the services it can enable. Of particular interest will be the growing number of use cases that will drive 5G investments, bringing new entrants to the mobile ecosystem.

However, much of the value remains some way off. MNOs are faced with making investments today that will be unlikely to deliver returns for a number of years. All of which adds up to great excitement at the promise of the next generation of mobile networks – but considerable uncertainty regarding the business models that will succeed and drive the expected revenue growth.

In fact, it’s some time before 5G networks can be expected to generate any revenue at all, so even while planning for the faster future, MNOs have to make sure they continue to thrive. So, while it’s easy to be distracted by the glitz of 5G, it’s essential to keep an eye on the present.

If you are visiting MWC this year, there are two things that should be uppermost in your mind. First, protecting your existing revenue. Second, finding sources of revenue that you can target today, not in five years’ time. That’s why you should talk to Gintel at MWC 2018.

Grow your mobile enterprise business with powerful mobile voice applications -

  • Delivered over GSM, 3G and 4G networks to any device
  • Single user, SoHo, SME and enterprise
  • Mobile call recording, compliant with EU financial regulations
  • Calendar integration, user status and configuration control
  • MS Lync integration with hosted UC and Mobile PBX
  • CRM integration options
  • Company voicemail, ACD / queueing, configurable IVR
  • Boost ARPU and reduce churn
  • Build an enterprise service portfolio
  • Full IN service support and integration
We’re helping MNOs protect valuable B2B and IN revenue by providing future-proof solutions to replace legacy platforms and to ensure that existing enterprise and number translation services can continue to deliver, at the same time as providing new service options to grow revenue from business customers – whether they are sole traders, micro enterprises or the largest corporations.

We’d like to meet you and discuss how we can help you meet revenue goals for 2018 and beyond, even while you prepare for the coming transition to 5G. It’s exciting, to be sure, but will take a long time. We’ll help you make the most of current assets, target new customers and launch new B2B services and help you meet your targets.

Book a meeting with Gintel at MWC 2018 to find out more. 

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