Make the most of the UC and Hosted PBX opportunity in 2018 – a $20 billion opportunity

What are your priorities for 2018? If revenue growth is one of them, then the booming Hosted PBX market should feature in your plans. New research suggests that Hosted PBX will drive a $20 billion market in 2018, with millions of new customers converting from legacy platforms. MNOs should be leading the way, leveraging their key advantage in mobility.

We all start the New Year with a checklist for the coming months. That applies to people as well as businesses – we all need to focus on priorities. For many MNOs, revenue growth remains a constant challenge and clear priority. So much, so obvious. What is not so obvious is how to achieve this – there are many options, some less proven than others.

It’s surprising, therefore, to find that MNOs are not rushing to embrace a clear, proven opportunity that has shown consistent demand from end-user customers, eager to embrace a service that delivers real value and enhances their experience. Hosted PBX.

New research from Eastern Management Group highlights how promising this opportunity is. According to the research, Hosted PBX represents a global market opportunity of $20 billion for 2018, with up to 54 million seats up for grabs. But there’s also upside, through the opportunity to add extra functionality, such as call centre capabilities or voice conferencing to packages, extending and broadening the focus of Hosted PBX towards full UC solutions.

As such, Hosted PBX is an anchor service that provides the foundation of a host of additional opportunities for providers to increase value and upsell capabilities. So, with solid projected growth and the potential to target millions of new customers, MNOs should be embracing this opportunity.

There’s also another factor: mobility. Employees are increasingly mobile and, for many, particularly in small businesses, the desk phone is becoming an irrelevance. MNOs have a clear advantage, as they are able to offer national and international connectivity from any location within their network – users do not need to be tied to costly static devices but can, instead, access Hosted PBX features seamlessly from their mobile.

If revenue growth is one of your priorities for 2018 – and it should be – then it’s time to act. Get started on the road to Hosted PBX by talking to Gintel today. We’ll be at Mobile World Congress and other industry events throughout the year and our team is eager to help you reach your goals.

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