VoLTE is booming but don’t leave key, revenue-generating services stranded

VoLTE brings exciting new opportunities but it also brings challenges for existing services and the platforms that support them. Many cannot support VoLTE and many existing providers have switched focus, leaving platforms unsupported and stuck in legacy environments. How can operators offer B2B and other key revenue generating services to VoLTE and legacy customers? How can they protect valuable revenue? Find out!

According the latest report from Telecoms.com’ (“Annual Industry Survey 2018”), 27% of operators see VoLTE as a key investment priority for 2018. Many have already made this move, but we have to remember that, for the majority of operators, VoLTE is an extension to existing network infrastructure and investments. It’s an overlay that enables new voice, video and other services to be offered to users with VoLTE-capable devices.

However, in most cases, VoLTE also needs to co-exist with existing network deployments and the services that are delivered over these. And, while the number of VoLTE-capable devices is rapidly growing, not everyone will move to such a device at the same time. In other words, operators are faced with a situation in which legacy networks will co-exist with new VoLTE network investments for many years to come – and also have to support users with a wide range of devices with different capabilities.

That matters, because many subscribers and customers are using services that have been deployed over legacy networks and will also expect to continue using them as they migrate to VoLTE. As a result, operators must be able to deliver existing services over any infrastructure – be it VoLTE, LTE, 3G or even 2G. While some of these services may be free, many others, such as B2B and number translation offers, have a premium price tag. Operators cannot simply discontinue key, revenue-generating services.

First, operators can’t afford to cut their own revenue and, second, users will not tolerate the end of services on which they depend and for which they pay a premium. Worse, many vendors of the existing service platforms have declared them to be end of life (EoL), leaving them orphaned and unsupported. So, operators need to support legacy services but they also need to extend them so that they can deliver the same performance in their new VoLTE networks as their customers expect. What can operators do?

Well, they should talk to us. We’ve deployed Easy Business Communications Suite as a convergent solution, allowing operators to replicate and replace EoL services, while also extending them to new VoLTE environments. This covers both B2B and other key services, such as geographic number translation, Freephone and more. Our expertise and our ability to deploy services in any environment and to span legacy 2G, 3G, LTE and VoLTE networks from a single platform, means that we can provide a solution that delivers full continuity of service and protects key revenue.

Are you faced with service continuity, revenue protection and VoLTE service migration issues? Get in touch to find out what we can offer and learn from our practical case studies. 

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