Dipper, powered by Gintel tops customer satisfaction charts again

Customer service and product capabilities provide key opportunities for differentiation that allow MVNOs to break free from the shackles of approaches to market that are focused on airtime. It’s a successful strategy that enables disruptive offers to thrive and which leads to a focus on key strengths – boosting customer satisfaction.

Once again, Dipper, a specialist, business-focused MVNO in Norway, has topped customer satisfaction charts. In annual surveys, Dipper has consistently out-performed its rivals, demonstrating how superior product offers, backed by great customer service and an outstanding network make the difference.

Of course, as an MVNO, Dipper doesn’t control its network but it is able to differentiate in other areas, which gives it a key advantage. The lessons should be clear to other service providers. While the network is essential, it’s not the magic ingredient in the recipe of success.

In fact, other factors, such as customer service and product portfolio – which are under the control of the MVNO or Service Provider have growing significance, as they are opportunities for differentiation and to create value. What this confirms is the absolute necessity of providing an offer that goes beyond network connectivity.

Many service providers – including MNOs and MVNOs – offer what they describe as business service, but in more often than not, these are simply bundles of traditional products (voice, data, messaging). They are merely wrapped up in terms that are described as business services and may not actually have any special features or service capabilities.

This means such service providers are missing an opportunity to not only attract business users but also to build a relationship that can be sustained. If what you offer is the same as your rivals, there’s less chance of creating a sustained relationship and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Instead, what providers such as Dipper do is to continually extend the value of their offer, adding features and functions, so that the utility to customers grows through time. When Dipper launched, it provided airtime bundles, but it also complemented and extended these with inbound call management services and a switchboard for the easy management of calls to a business. Rather than price at a significant premium, Dipper realised that customer loyalty would be boosted by offering such services at a small increment to the bundle.

It continues to do so, but the functionality of the business services has been extended, including configurable IVRs, increased routing possibilities for outbound calls, presence and absence management and more. No wonder customer satisfaction continues to grow.

It’s a simple strategy but one that builds upon Dipper’s core strengths – an understanding of customer needs and a commitment to service excellence – while reducing the dependence on the network to its proposition. It has meant that Dipper has been able to compete head on with more established players and to build a loyal, enduring subscriber base.

We helped Dipper to launch back in 2015. Since then, we’ve worked with Dipper to extend the business services it offers and to ensure that it can continue to differentiate in a way that best leverages its key strengths. It’s a sensible approach and one that can pay lasting dividends. So, congratulations to Dipper – but if you want to emulate this approach, get in touch to find out how!

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