Beyond the tipping point – but still a long way to go for hosted and mobile UC

UC has been an undoubted market success, with penetration growing rapidly. In many countries, it is now beyond the tipping point and it’s seemingly inevitable that it will assume majority market share within the foreseeable future. But it’s still the minority of business connections, which means that there are plenty of opportunities ahead. Find out more!

For some time, the industry has been expecting penetration of hosted and mobile UC to exceed that of on premises solutions. While sales of hosted solutions have been growing for a number of years, it’s taken a while to reach the tipping point. Today, that’s happened, at least in some European markets, such as the Netherlands.

It’s not that the majority of seats sold are hosted, rather that a critical moment has been passed, with the result that progress towards eventual market dominance now seems inevitable.

This is important, as it shows how hosted UC is now an inevitability, not an option. Of course, some companies will continue to invest in and maintain on-premises infrastructure, but the fact is that, in the not too distant future, the majority of users will be on hosted solutions.

That’s exciting for several reasons. First, at this point in time, there is still a long way to go. The opportunity remains significant and hosted solutions are now no longer outliers, but have become mainstream – which will clearly have an impact in efforts to accelerate adoption. It will be easier to support arguments in favour of hosted UC solutions.

Second, across all markets, the addressable market remains huge. It’s not too late to launch an offer, provided that it’s done well – and, users who have accepted hosted solutions, will be eager to embrace better ones when they become available.

Finally, while the basic concept of hosted UC is well-established and argument about features is largely redundant, few solutions today address mobility in an optimised way. Most solutions are essentially derivatives of fixed enterprise solutions. So, if you are an MNO of MVNO, you should be thinking about how you can stake a claim to this market – the hard work has been done. There’s broad market acceptance, there is consensus that this is inevitable but there’s a huge untapped market and mobility is paramount.

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