Operators losing ground in the enterprise market, despite ambitions. Partner for success.

Despite efforts, many operators, such as MNOs are failing to secure the revenue boost from enterprise customers they had anticipated. In many cases, revenues have actually fallen. With new ICT and cloud services proliferating, enterprise customers are turning to new providers. Operators cannot miss this opportunity – there is considerable growth ahead. Partnering and enabling partners to offer services from your network may be a way to reverse this trend. If you can’t reach customers directly, help others to do so.

Established operators, such as MNOs have long held ambitions to increase their share of the enterprise market. Of course, many of them offer connectivity bundles, data packages and other managed connectivity services, but with the growing adoption of cloud-based ICT solutions, there is a greater opportunity ahead.

However, research from Analysys Mason shows how far from reaching these aspirations operators are. In fact, across a range of key technology domains – Unified Communications, Data Storage, Cloud Applications, and Security Solutions – operator market share is consistently less than 15%.

That should give pause for thought. Ambitions are one thing but delivery and the attainment of goals quite another. And, this lack of success is worse among SME customers – while larger enterprises have embraced some ICT services, SMEs lag far behind. Worse still, revenue from enterprises has actually fallen in some markets.

On the bright side, there is a huge opportunity ahead to increase sales of ICT services, such as Unified Communications, to enterprises of all sizes, especially SMEs. However, operators face increasing competition from other providers, so they may not actually be able to capitalise on this opportunity.

As Analysys Mason has pointed out on numerous occasions, the ability to benefit from the developing market for cloud and ICT services depends on getting the basics right. Only with a solid foundation and the right levels of customer engagement can operators hope to sell more. Currently, many business customers are dissatisfied with their operator, so they choose only basic offers or those which they cannot find elsewhere (such as connectivity or mobile coverage). They do not explore other offers and but they do find other providers for valuable ICT and cloud offers.

So, what’s an operator to do? Well, of course they should make sure that they have core solutions that address ICT needs, such as Unified Communications, but they can also be tactical. If they are unable to successfully target business customers, they should ensure that they have partners that can do so.

This means that they should also consider enhancing wholesale offers to include core services that can be taken to market by other partners, such as branded service providers or MVNOs. They can help such players, which often have a more nimble and agile approach – and are able to focus on customer satisfaction, by equipping them with the tools they need to accelerate ICT and cloud service adoption. If operators are unable to deliver services directly, enabling others to do so is a sensible strategy – after all, the market potential is too huge to ignore and failure to capture a greater share too much of a risk.

Of course, it will mean that end customers engage with other providers, but that’s a small price to pay in the context of the overall market. Partnerships are essential and would help operators both achieve their ambitions and deliver additional, new cloud capabilities. Someone is going to do that anyway, so rather than lose ground to competition, why not partner to sidestep the issue?

So, if you want to know how you can enable partners to offer Unified Communications and other services, so they can reach customers that you are currently unable to, then why not talk to Gintel? We can equip you with the solutions you need that can be offered directly as well as indirectly through partnerships, helping you reach more customers and increase overall revenue and share from the enterprise?

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