Economic downturn to boost hosted voice service demand

According to a recent report from Analysis Mason, the recent economic downturn will "boost demand for hosted voice services that eliminate the need for infrastructure investment and deliver short-term cash benefits". Enterprises are recognising the benefits of leveraging voice as a service, hosted by operators in the "cloud". This is a real opportunity for mobile operators to increase fixed-mobile substitution and to attract enterprise and SME customers with the promise of a full package of voice services, supported by the rich set of PBX features that will be familiar to current users of premises-based equipment.

Not only can mobile operators increase the breadth of services they offer, but they can increase their share of the enterprise wallet. How can this be achieved? Gintel's Easy Virtual PaBX is a full mobile PBX solution, allowing mobile operators to deploy advanced PBX functionality directly to mobile handsets. More than a VPN, Easy PaBX supports connectivity to legacy signalling such as IN and CAMEL, allowing operators to leverage existing network assets and triggers, while delivering advanced new capabilities directly to enterprise users. Learn more here.

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