What’s happening to the MVNO market in APAC?

The MVNO market in Asia is starting to gather pace and is already showing signs of strong differentiation. With MVNOs’ Asia just two weeks away, it’s time to consider the opportunities to focus on new market possibilities and how you can differentiate to succeed. A niche focus could be just what you need. Meet Gintel to learn more!

We’re excited about the next edition of MVNOs’ Asia, which takes place between 26th and 27th September in Singapore. It’s a great opportunity to take the pulse of the MVNO market and to learn more about opportunities in the region. As usual, we’ll be present and are looking forward to meeting our friends in the region.

Of course, the market has evolved considerably, with countries with existing MVNOs showing signs of increasing maturity, while regulators across the region are continuing to acknowledge the important role that MVNOs play in increasing choice and competition by creating the conditions for new entrants and new license applications. All of which points to a thriving market, as our hosts knect365 acknowledge in a briefing note prepared ahead of the event. You can download the report from the event website, here.

There’s considerable diversity across the region, as you might expect and the market is in different stages of development, depending on the individual circumstances that apply to each country. Still, it’s not just regulators that recognise the benefits MVNOs can bring; as the report indicates, wholesale teams in MNOs are alert to the commercial opportunities that new partnerships can bring, in particular to allow new, niche audiences to be addressed. A key lesson is that, as competition and price pressure increases, an MVNO can also generate significant revenue for an MNO – without the associated costs of sales and marketing. Essentially, MVNOs provide new channels for capacity, reaching a wider audience.

As a result, market share is growing, according to the report. While APAC has yet to attain the penetration that has been achieved in Europe, it’s growing rapidly and we can expect to see a compounding effect as more countries admit MVNO market entry. Of course, success will bring other pressures and MVNOs will soon be challenged to innovate business models and to focus on specific audiences that go beyond classical or competitive consumer offers.

According to knect365, nearly 33% of MVNOs in the region are focused on specialist markets and niches. While this demonstrates an existing appetite for agility, as the report suggests, this can only increase. In the future, we can expect content and partnerships with other specialist providers to grow too – but we can also expect IoT and B2B markets to become increasingly attractive. As a result, MVNOs need to consider their options and opportunities carefully.

If you are attending MVNOs’ Asia, perhaps it’s time to think strategically about the untapped opportunities ahead. It’s a region with a thriving SME marketplace, so why not consider how you can meet their needs and deliver business-focused services to capitalise on the vibrant economies of the region? Meet our team and find out how!

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