SMS Calling with Easy Business Communications Suite

SMS enables a surprising and useful range of services that can complement and extend business and consumer offers. As an integrated module of EBCS, it provides a simple way to enrich your service portfolio.

SMS has been in the news quite a bit recently, which is perhaps surprising to many, since consumer SMS has long been overshadowed by other popular messaging applications and chat solutions. But, there are several reasons for this.

First, SMS remains a near-ubiquitous communication tool. As others have observed, that means it has an essential role to play in communications from businesses to their customers so, even while other forms of messaging receive strong support and spectacular growth, there’s a need for SMS as a B2C channel. And, this is going to gain new impetus with the integration of messaging bots and more into evolving RCS solutions, which will allow interaction and notification between web bots and classical messaging.

But, SMS also has a role as a means to access services and to provide a means of account authentication. It can enable a wide range of applications that require authentication before permitting access to a service. In particular, it can also be used in association with voice calling to allow different levels of access to pre- or post-paid accounts.

These services cover both business and consumer functions:

  • Cost control for business users
  • Parental or family control for minors
  • Ad-hoc access to shared calling plans

SMS allows a prospective service user to send an authentication message to the messaging platform, which then checks their status and either allows or denies access to the service. For example, to use a separate account for call charges, callbacks can be initiated, so that the calling party isn’t charged for the call – which can be useful for temporary or contract users who do not benefit from a company phone or plan, but who may need to bill certain calls to their employer.

Easy Virtual Communications Suite now offers integrated SMS authentication and callback capabilities, which extends possibilities for enterprise users and allows service providers to extend their service range. It’s a simple but effective means to enhance the service portfolio and to add more value.

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