Hosted PBX continues to grow – why aren’t MNOs leading the way?

Business customers are increasingly turning to the cloud for their voice services but many are missing out on the benefits of a mobile-first solution. MNOs can use their network advantages to offer mobile optimised hosted solutions that meet the needs of today’s business users.

Research continues to point to healthy growth in the hosted PBX market – for example, a new report forecasts CAGR in excess of 18% in Canada alone between in the years from 2017 to 2025. Increasingly, businesses are seeking to replace on-premises solutions with cloud telephony platforms, cutting their costs and conserving CAPEX.

To support this drive, a number of new player have entered the market, creating a diversity of suppliers. Despite this, the emphasis remains clearly on what are essentially replacements for fixed solutions, with SIP trunking providing connectivity to the cloud-based solution. Mobility remains an adjunct, not the primary means of delivery.

This is surprising. With changing work habits, mobility has become ever more important and more and more users are defaulting to their mobile devices. Our customers recognise this and provide confirmation that the mobile is central to the user experience. Hosted PBX offers many benefits to businesses, but mobile optimised solutions offer more.

This is because they put the mobile device at the centre of the service and ensure that all capabilities can be delivered across the mobile, not fixed network. By enabling deep connectivity to the mobile network, devices can be included within PBX groups without the need for data connectivity. In turn, this means that SIP trunks are not mandatory and that users can access all features of traditional fixed devices from their mobiles.

Some MNOs are showing the way, delivering mobile-first solutions to business customers but there is a significant opportunity ahead and more need to capitalise on momentum behind cloud service adoption. Despite this, it’s surprising that more MNOs aren’t spearheading the adoption of hosted voice PBX services among business customers. They have the networks, coverage and connectivity to achieve this, so why don’t they do more?

Those that have recognised this opportunity have built sustainable businesses that enjoy rapid growth, providing revenue to replace stagnating consumer income. As consumers move increasingly to free services, business offers have assumed greater importance – and this importance is matched by appetite from eager customers.

If you are uncertain of how to approach this opportunity, get in touch with Gintel to find out how operators such as Telenor, Orange, 3, SFR, Swisscom, Telia Sonera,, Dipper, Kcell, and more have delivered mobile-first solutions to business customers, capitalising on growing demand for hosted voice services and advanced call management.



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