What does it take to succeed as a B2B MVNO?

As we saw at the recent MVNOs’ World Congress, MVNOs are increasingly turning to B2B markets – but how can they succeed? What does it take to create a compelling B2B service offer? How important are VAS elements and how can you launch a profitable, targeted range of services to delight your target customer base?

The MVNOs’ World Congress brought together the entire MVNO ecosystem to discuss latest trends, new opportunities and market challenges to overcome. As usual, the subject of B2B opportunities was prominent. As MVNOs seek to unlock growth opportunities, B2B markets have become increasingly attractive.

Of course, we’ve been aware of this phenomenon for some years, having helped many MVNOs launch B2B service offers, but the conference brought a welcome discussion of key factors that are required to ensure success.

For example, one MVNO outlined its recipe for success, which includes:

  • Novel pricing
  • Flexible billing
  • BYOD
  • VAS
  • Security
  • Easy administration

We would definitely agree and our experience around the world bears this out. For example, pricing and billing is a function of both policy and the billing solution – for example, some B2B MVNOs don’t insist on a contract, but that’s a decision that should be taken to reflect the local market and competitive situation. The point is to choose pricing that is innovative in respect to your competitors or to existing offers and MVNOs need the flexibility to be able to do so.

BYOD is also of huge importance, as it introduces the flexibility to allow users to migrate easily to the MVNO with their existing devices or to choose new ones at any time. Devices are great but forcing users to choose from a single supplier limits choice and can prove to be difficult when recruiting them from other providers.

Security almost goes without saying but it is worth repeating. With increased legislation regarding data protection, customers need to be reassured both that the service is secure and that their data is too. And, if a service is difficult to use or to administer, then users will struggle to adopt and make the most of it.

However, all of this depends on having something to sell, which makes the VAS component fundamental to any B2B offer. Value Added Services, or VAS, offer enrichments to basic packages, enabling new functionality and new features to deliver and enhanced communications service.

In the context of business customers, these can range from simple twinning services all the way to a complete Mobile UC solution. B2B MVNOs need to carefully consider which VAS features make sense for their target users and to choose their offer appropriately. It’s a key decision but one which can pay rich rewards.

That’s why more and more MVNOs that target B2B customers have chosen to work with Gintel. They can select from our range of B2B services and launch an offer – or range of offers – that enable them to meet their targets. It’s possible to launch a complete portfolio of services, covering segments such as sole traders, SoHo, SME and enterprise customers from a single platform, which provides both initial richness and the potential to diversify they portfolio with new service options to support business growth and to enhance customer stickiness.

If you are thinking of launching a B2B offer, you should talk to Gintel!

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