Telenor Group taps Gintel’s expertise for new Enterprise solutions

Telenor Group is one of the largest mobile operators in the world, with over 160 million subscribers and nearly 40,000 employees spread across 13 countries. Despite its international success and burgeoning reputation, Telenor’s home market of Norway remains fundamental to the operator’s plans. Telenor has a long history of delivering solutions to the residential and consumer market, but it has an equally long tradition of meeting the needs of business and enterprise customers. Currently, Telenor is the middle of a long-term plan to launch new service capabilities for the business community: the MOVE project.

Building on its established portfolio, Telenor decided to implement a new platform to provide business services to all potential subscribers in the business market - from the smallest SoHo outfit to the largest Norwegian corporations. As a company with a long history of innovative R&D, much of the inspiration for the solution was drawn from its internal resources. But, for some elements, Telenor turned to established experts.

Gintel has enjoyed a long partnership with Telenor and was selected to deliver key features and functional elements for the new solution. "We knew Gintel’s technical excellence would prove an invaluable complement to our own expertise" commented Arild Haugen, Strategic Product Manager at Telenor. "We needed components that they have delivered into their markets to enhance our solution and provide new capabilities".

Telenor has adopted an ambitious programme for the service, with a successful pilot programme nearing completion. Launch is scheduled for June 2009, with several phases planned. The launch is complicated by the fact that all of Telenor’s existing business services will be replaced by the new platform, so a migration programme for over 300,000 active customers has had to be implemented. In a second phase, Telenor hopes to recruit a similar number of new subscribers, attracted by the new product portfolio.

The new solution will enable Telenor to manage its business service portfolio more effectively and to provide new applications both directly and through external partners that can integrate to the platform via a published interface.

"For such a project, it was essential to marry the best of external vendors with the fruit of our internal investments. Gintel was the right partner in every sense to assist this vision" added Mr Haugen. "We had ambitious plans to migrate our existing customers to the new platform, which naturally involves considerable risk in a competitive market. Gintel’s reliability was essential in building the trust we needed to complete the project".

Telenor’s new platform provides a solid foundation for the future - on which a range of traditional voice and emerging FMC products can be delivered, together with the potential to create new value from third parties in the Internet domain. Such a vision is critical to the future success of communications service providers and Gintel will play a key role in its realisation. To learn more about Telenor’s innovative approach, please follow this link.

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