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How Kcell, a leading Tier 1 operator in Central Asia, launched an enhanced business offer to target B2B revenue growth

Increasing call completion to boost business results

Like many mobile operators, Kcell, the leading mobile network provider in Kazakhstan, is faced with the challenge of revenue growth. Mushrooming data consumption, enabled by significant investment in Kcell’s LTE infrastructure and networks, has not been matched by a proportional rise in data revenues. This is a common challenge that MNOs are struggling to address.

Recognising this, Kcell initiated efforts to try to secure revenue from new sources. As part of these efforts, it identified the B2B market as a source of potential growth, because as well as being one of the largest countries in the world, Kazakhstan has a vibrant and growing economy.

Having enjoyed considerable growth in recent years, it also has a diverse business population that spans many sectors. The SME sector has blossomed and, as in many countries, makes a significant and growing contribution to the national economy. Indeed, there have been many initiatives to stimulate more innovation and this is a clear target for future economic development.

To increase its returns from B2B customers, Kcell needed to do more than simply offer connectivity packages. It needed to offer solutions to business problems. The key question is, what communications problems confronted business users and how could Kcell solve them in a way that will deliver the growth it seeks?

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