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How do you offer a range of services that add value to the entire business community, equipping them with valuable capabilities while providing a consistent, clear migration path from startup or sole trader to multi-national corporation? Increasingly, service providers need to think about the business community at large, not simply the largest customers – to do this, a clear pathway from the smallest to the largest is needed. Find out more.

One of the most interesting conclusions from our meetings at MWC concerned the desire of many operators to extend service offers to more of their enterprise customers. While many have focused on larger corporates for many years, most now recognise that business customers represent a diverse and growing opportunity. It’s simply not enough any more to offer basic packages to the smallest businesses – instead, mobile operators and service providers need to be able to provide meaningful, relevant services to businesses of any size.

Of course, the smallest business with one or perhaps two employees may not need the same service that might be attractive to one with 10,000 employees. This means that service providers need a pathway that allows them to offer something to micro businesses, while paving the way for transition to more feature rich solutions.

This is the concept behind our micro services approach. It’s a different way of approaching the business marketing, by providing a range of services that can be added to or combined to provide a clear pathway for feature and functional enrichment that supports any business, at any stage of its life cycle.

Let’s take a simple and increasingly common example. Many sole traders and small business owners have multiple devices. However, they protect and separate their business and private identities, reserving one device for work and one for personal use. So, an obvious solution is one that provides the ability to deliver calls to either number to both devices – which means that the business user can answer on the most convenient device – the one to hand, so to speak.

Twinning has proven to be an extremely popular service with our customers – reaching 10% market penetration in some cases – but which can provide a basic premium fee over and above the selected bundles. It’s a standard feature of our Easy Business Communications Suite, which means it can easily be offered as an entry-level solution.

However, that’s not all. It’s also possible to enable calls to be switched between the devices, so if our business owner finds that his device is running low on battery, he or she can simply pick up the call on the other registered device and continue the conversation without interruption.

So far, so good. But what if there are two users? Well, they can enable simple main number functionality with basic routing between each user, based on availability and absence. If Peter and Sue are both available, all their devices may ring. If Sue is unavailable, then Peter’s may receive the calls. But if Peter and Sue are joined by Bob and Carol, then you might want to create a team. By the time our growing company gets to 10 users, it might start to see value in the concept of departments within the organisation, which opens up the possibility of a more comprehensive inbound call management service, with auto-attendant functionality, queuing and more. For 20 users, more control may be required and so on, all the way up to the very largest company.

Years ago, we used to talk about the concept of Lego in building services, using reusable elements to build specific features and capabilities. We still can but we don’t need to think about raw templates any more. Instead, we can think about adding capabilities by activating existing service elements that provide a graceful progression from a simple yet highly effective service all the way to a complete corporate Voice VPN or Mobile UC offer. There is a clear continuum between them which, in turn, allows the service provider to deliver continuity and to provide a clear path to meet the growing and evolving needs of its business customers.

The services are not mutually exclusive but can all be enabled on our solution, which means that our service provider customers can offer services that share common elements but which have a clear evolution path – start here and then simply upgrade to the next level as and when you need it.

On one level, that’s the same as providing horizontal tiers of services but it’s perhaps more helpful to think about how we can meet the needs of aspirational customers that are seeking to grow their businesses and the ways in which service providers can provide the kinds of partnership that supports this ambition and growth. More importantly, it allows the service provider to tell a compelling story about how it can support any business customer and help them grow, thrive and flourish.

It’s a clear message and one that we find increasingly resonates with service providers. If you want to know how to offer such a comprehensive range of services, get in touch with us to learn how you can deliver solutions that enable business growth while providing the tangible benefits your customers need, throughout the life-cycle of their business.

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