Micro Services for Business Customers

Many B2B customers are looking for innovative services, but not all are looking for the same thing. Some will want a complete Mobile UC solution for their organisation, while others will simply need a better way to manage personal and business calls. It’s all part of increasing business efficiency and securing better services but one size simply doesn’t fit all.

In this context, service providers need to be able to meet an increasingly diverse range of needs, creating offers that cater for the requirements of the smallest organisation at the same time as they address more complex cases. And, they need to be able to tune their offers, so that they can stay ahead of competitors, increasing options for their customers and creating more value.

That’s why Gintel has created a new range of what we call “micro business services”. Our range of micro services allows service providers to offer simple but valuable services to any business, whether it’s a sole trader enterprise, a large enterprise, or as an extension to an existing offer. They can easily be customised or extended and form the foundation of offers that can rapidly gain market share and widespread adoption.

They can easily be delivered by a service provider, providing a compelling range of useful services that offer new value to business users, even in the smallest company, while delivering new revenue streams.

Gintel’s range of micro services includes:

  • Multi Device Support and Twinning
  • Call Pickup
  • Business / Private Line
  • Missed Call Portal and notification alerts
  • Configurable ringing options (parallel, sequential)
  • Flexible Call Forwarding options
  • Absence management

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