Virtualisation and the Application Layer: Fully Virtualised B2B Services for VoLTE and Legacy Networks

Network Function Virtualisation (NFV) has become a strategic goal for most operators. However, it’s not just key infrastructure that will migrate to virtualised environments, applications and services that are delivered to customers must also be virtualised. This includes key enterprise services. Gintel’s B2B applications and services are already virtualised, enabling operators to choose the deployment framework they need to ensure service consistency and to be fully aligned with their virtualisation plans and VoLTE rollout.

Virtualisation is one of the most common of the current crop of buzzwords. It’s a key topic in much of the telecoms and IT media and is sure to be the subject of many conversations at MWC this year. Almost every operator is developing a plan to migrate and transform their networks to a virtualised infrastructure. For most, the strategic decision has been taken, either at an individual or group level. The main question is not if, but when they will start.

However, virtualisation is certainly not going to be a big bang event. Rather, there will be a gradual period of migration, with operators selecting virtualised solutions whenever they need to replace any element of their infrastructure or when they need to add new functionality to their networks. For many mobile operators, the introduction of IMS and VoLTE services represents a key, near-term opportunity to begin their migration towards virtualised infrastructure, even if the complete migration cycle is likely to take some years to complete.

This means that services that are associated with VoLTE should also be supported in virtualised environments. As operators add richness to their VoLTE offers, it makes little sense to revert to legacy deployment practices for specific services and applications. Consequently, operators that are upgrading key enterprise services to make them available to VoLTE users must consider how they can deploy such services in their common virtualised environments.

As a pioneer in the design and delivery of valuable revenue-generating enterprise services, Gintel has ensured that all of its applications are already available for deployment in virtualised infrastructure. This means that operators can choose the deployment model that they need, in order to ensure full alignment with their strategic plans for the realisation of virtualised networks with a common IT infrastructure and assets. Already, Gintel’s customers are deploying VoLTE-capable B2B service enhancements with virtualised assets. Of course, the same services can also be available to legacy customers, ensuring consistency across different generations of network technology, from the same virtual infrastructure.

So, whatever your plans for NFV, Gintel can help you adopt the right solution to meet the needs of your enterprise customers, providing fully virtualised solutions that are fully compatible with the infrastructure you choose. Pure NFV or hybrid, Gintel can deliver what you need to support your migration goals.

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