B2B services offer significant opportunities for operators in the digital era

A new report suggests that innovation and service differentiation will be key to success in a transforming digital landscape, with the delivery of B2B services to enterprises offering one of the best opportunities for long-term value generation.

Operators need to develop a new mindset in order to survive in the evolving digital marketplace, with business-to-business (B2B) services becoming a key facet of value creation. That’s according to a new report from EY, which provides a first-hand industry perspective including in-depth interviews with senior executives at 40 global operators.

As the telecommunications industry continues to undergo rapid transformation, operators are facing disruption from every side. With pressure on the bottom line continuing to drive efficiencies, regulatory challenges, and technological change, operators need to explore, and take advantage of, new opportunities in a rapidly widening digital ecosystem.

As a result, flexible and more selective business models will be essential as operators seek out new growth opportunities. While operators are well-placed to drive transformation in a digital society, they first need to decide ‘where to play’ and then focus on becoming the best in that area, or they risk becoming a ‘jack of all trades’, says the report.

A narrower focus, more robust partnerships and clear delineation of B2B and B2C approaches, are likely to represent the best opportunity for success in the long term.

One area that many interviewees saw as one of the biggest revenue opportunities for operators was the delivery of business services to enterprises. While digital services currently account for 3 per cent of revenues, in five years’ time this will rise above 10 per cent due to demand for services in security, smart city and enterprise services, notes the report.

According to EY, enterprise cloud, new TV and video services, and advertising/ecommerce are likely to provide the most fertile opportunities for incremental revenue growth going forward. In the B2B sector it notes that video and TV, mobile advertising, cloud storage, connected cars and retail are areas in which operators are already active, due to the significant revenue opportunities they offer.

Innovation and service differentiation will be key, the report notes, with no single route to innovation predominating. Rather, a holistic attitude to value creation will be essential, including targeted IT investment, talent acquisition and better collaboration inside and outside the organization.

“In an increasingly diverse market landscape, EY expects operator strategies to diverge based on differences in geographic scale, level of digital ambition, and contrasting prioritizations of growth and efficiency within their strategic agenda. Yet higher levels of agility, more collaborative mindsets and a recasting of customer relationships will be vital to all,” says the report.

Clearly, operators will need to offer innovative and differentiated services to customers, with B2B services offering one of the best revenue-generating opportunities. But how can they offer that without extensive investment and with the fastest time to market?

If you’re an operator providing B2B services to enterprises and SMEs, then Gintel can help you to navigate this changing and challenging landscape, and allow you to take advantage of the significant opportunities it simultaneously offers.

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