Arthur D Little survey results: B2B is now more important than B2C

B2B services and innovation have emerged as the key priorities for telcos as we move into 2017, according to new research. But the same research indicates that innovation efforts are failing to deliver. What’s needed are the right partners, with the right experience, to ensure investments in innovation provide the expected returns.

Determining priorities as we move towards the end of 2016 is obviously an activity occupying the attentions of many in the telco industry. What services should I launch, for which markets and which segments, and so on. It’s a process that’s routinely followed, year on year and will result in the identification of candidates for future investment.

This process needs guidance, so it’s helpful and revealing to review the results of a new survey of telcos conducted by leading consultancy firm, Arthur D Little. According to the results, the provision of B2B communications services has emerged as the leading priority for telcos (see Figure below), with, the report notes, incumbents with existing B2B businesses seeking to extend this reach and use this as a path towards their future.

Figure 1: Telco Sub-Domain Focus (“Innovation Quest for Telecom Operators Survey, 2016)


Of course, B2B service investment is not only the preserve of incumbent and established players – it remains an open and attractive market for any telco today. The survey focuses on innovation and reports that 67% of surveyed telcos listed innovation as a top-three priority. Interestingly, only 34% of the same group indicated that they were satisfied with the results of their activities thus far.

That simply must change. If B2B is to be the future for a growing number of operators, then investments in innovation have to yield results. To achieve this, telcos need reliable, trusted partners that both understand their businesses and what it takes to deliver consistent service innovation.

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