B2B services for MVNEs – completing your portfolio with Gintel

MVNOs are searching for new ways in which to target more valuable segments, but MVNEs have focused on retail solutions – which means they and their customers are missing out on the ability to launch B2B service offers.

MVNEs exist to make life easier for MVNOs and the MNOs that want to host them. They provide comprehensive capabilities that facilitate the on-boarding process and help MVNOs capitalise on market opportunities, supported by a range of subscriber activation, management and offer creation tools.

However, as MVNO markets become more competitive, many MVNEs are searching for ways in which they can offer more value and help MVNOs make the right business investment decisions. As such, they need to be able to offer MVNOs a complete range of service options. While many MVNOs have a rich set of pre- and post-paid consumer offers, many are missing out on a key opportunity: B2B services.

Business customers, particularly those in smaller companies, are often neglected. While MNOs may target corporate customers, they often overlook those in smaller companies, even though such businesses represent the majority of the working population. Since businesses are accustomed to purchasing services from the cloud, it makes perfect sense to offer richer communications services that will generate higher ARPU and are less subject to the price pressure faced in retail markets.

If you provide MVNE solutions, this is an important gap in your portfolio. MVNOs are increasingly thinking about alternatives to classical retail solutions, which tend to be fiercely competitive. Without a clear USP, it’s difficult to predict success and even more difficult to make an impact. In this context, MVNOs need the assurance that their MVNE partner can support efforts to target business customers with valuable propositions.

Closing this gap can easily be achieved through partnership with Gintel. Our solutions enable you to complete your portfolio with a range of compelling business-ready services, from entry-level twinning solutions all the way to complete mobile unified communications. They allow MVNEs to proactively work with MVNO prospects to define a winning solution and enable its rapid delivery. Why not talk to Gintel to find out how you can include B2B services in your portfolio?

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