A better experience for SMEs – Dipper leads the way in EPSI ratings.

Leading B2B MVNO Dipper comes top in EPSI rankings, delivering a better service and a better user experience with Gintel. Find out why customer experience matters.

Customer experience has become one of the key issues in our industry. Operators have realised that how customers experience the network and services they offer makes a huge difference to customer loyalty and, as a result, to helping both retain and recruit customers. Both are strategic goals, for which there are normally KPIs – retaining customers means that churn is reduced, while recruiting them helps grow the business. Achieving both goals is important, but as it generally costs more to recruit a customer than to retain one, there are financial benefits for keeping existing customers happy.

This means that customers need to be able to enjoy the right experience. It’s all very well delivering a useful service, but does it really perform as expected? Do customers pay the right price, given the package on offer? All of this is hugely important and there are increasing efforts to both deliver and to measure the results of initiatives designed to retain and recruit customers. While much of the recent attention has been focused on tools and processes that can help operators achieve these goals, there’s still a place for good old-fashioned surveys.

That’s why it’s great to hear that, one of our customers, Dipper – a leading Norwegian MVNO, exclusively focused on B2B customers – has been confirmed as the leading provider of business services by rating company, EPSI. The EPSI rating group conducts market research in the Nordic region, as well as the UK, the Netherlands and Baltic countries. It’s a well-known European system for measuring customer satisfaction, so its research matters.

In the latest ratings, Dipper was found to have the most loyal and satisfied customers in the B2B market in Norway. Its customers felt that they had the best coverage, the most competitive conditions and that their packages met their expectations and needs. In other words, Dipper offers the best solution that gives the best user experience.

That’s great – Dipper’s service is based on our Easy Business Communications Suite, and benefits from continuous innovation from our teams. It’s constantly evolving to provide both superior service and a superior customer experience. Knowing that customers recognise this validates everyone’s efforts and shows how operators can provide both a differentiated service as well as one that really delivers, providing a distinct experience that customers appreciate.

At Gintel, we know what it takes to deliver the best experience – it’s not the first time that one of our customers has been recognised in this way. If you want to deliver both an outstanding service and an outstanding experience, you should talk to our team.

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