Searching for double digit growth? UC is the answer

Are you unsure where to invest for growth? Once again, research indicates that UC offers one of the most promising growth opportunities. As consumer markets continue to be hard-pressed, why not look to the enterprise for business growth?

Operators looking for new investment opportunities that can secure growing returns should look no further than Unified Communications, according to analysis published recently by IHS Markit and widely reported in the industry press.

The recent research update suggests that “global cloud PBX and UC revenue is set to reach double-digit year-over-year growth for the full-year 2016”, which is in stark contrast to the consistent decline in traditional market areas, such as voice.

Operators have a unique advantage in that they can better control infrastructure to deliver services that are backed by QoS and performance guarantees, something which alternative providers are unable to do. As enterprises seek to capitalise on mobility, the additional benefits of deep mobile network integration will also assume growing importance.

As a result, it’s difficult to see why so many providers continue to neglect this area, choosing instead to focus on consumer offers that offer diminishing returns and uncertain futures. Interestingly, the report also notes upselling opportunities from the provision of additional cloud-based services, which is something on which both we and our customers have commented.

Today, every operator is challenged to find new growth opportunities that can help maximise return on network investments. Headline-grabbing rollouts of VoLTE and other services are all of huge importance, but these are largely defensive positions – there is no incremental revenue that can be gained from an HD voice service, for example. The hope is that the resulting services will offer a premium experience that helps retain customers, which may well turn out to be the case, but which doesn’t offer the comfort of revenue growth.

As a result, this means operators must pay attention to services that can generate revenue, particularly in a VoLTE environment. As IHS has consistently stated, UC represents a clear opportunity to do so – and one that is growing fast, at a rate that should more than meet investment criteria. So, why isn’t it top of the list?

If you are confused and want to understand how you can deliver attractive and valuable UC services, why not talk to Gintel? Our experience and expertise can help you define and deliver compelling services and we will support you as you develop your offer and grow your subscriber base. Get in touch to find out more.

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