Helping business customers to grow their organisation and operations

Mobile UC is a powerful tool that can help businesses evolve their organisation and operations. It’s an enabler that offer much more than compelling features – as a strategic tool, it offers much more than fixed or pure IP Centrex solutions. Helping businesses expand, change and adapt requires more than a list of features. Agile service providers can deliver the partnership to help businesses secure what they need today - but also what they will need tomorrow. Find out why.

By any measure, mobile UC represents a significant positive growth opportunity for service providers. However, to capitalise on this and to outperform competitors, service providers must maintain a clear focus on their business customers. It’s very simple – your service success depends on how you can attract and retain customers, which means you have to stay relevant to their needs. While it’s necessary to match current expectations, that’s not sufficient. You need to think about what businesses are going to need – which means much more than simply offering a roadmap of continuous evolution.

All businesses know that needs change and evolve through time - as businesses grow, experience change and adapt to external factors and influences. In particular, while all organisations are focused on financial growth, they also have to cater for growth in their size and structural changes. This can simply mean more people joining the organisation or it might mean moving offices, adapting to home working, merging with or acquiring other businesses.

This requires flexibility. In addition to continually evolving product capabilities, service providers must also pay close attention to how they deliver services in order to meet the needs of organisations as they grow and expand. For example, as organisations grow, they will need additional capacity in terms of user licenses. When they move to new facilities or acquire additional premises, they need to be sure that the service works effectively across all locations.

Happily, the ability to cater for such structural and organisation changes is a key advantage that can be delivered by the right Mobile UC solution. Unlike fixed solutions or classical hosted IP services, a true mobile UC solution requires no investment in infrastructure, either in terms of physical servers or in terms of fixed BB or fibre connectivity, especially since coverage is secured through the conventional mobile network. Similarly, the right licensing model means that businesses should be able to add, delete or move user licenses, without significant overheads. As a result, it’s the perfect option to help businesses add more users and extend service coverage to new facilities.

That’s important. Businesses want to use services that can expand and follow them, wherever they go. They want services that can adapt to changes in work practices – not only in terms of location and coverage but also in terms of evolving approaches to home and remote working. Only a Mobile UC service can deliver the flexibility that businesses need to eliminate problems that have traditionally been associated with organisational and operational changes.

When we focus on features, it’s easy to overlook other, less obvious benefits. With Mobile UC, businesses can add or remove users, easily. They can recycle licenses for new employees and they can do so without any need to invest in more equipment or connectivity capacity. In fact, making sure that a communications service is optimised for organisational and operational needs is as important and relevant than ensuring that it delivers a specific functional capability – indeed, in most cases, such flexibility is much more important than a particular feature.

Mobile UC gives service providers the ability to ensure they can help organisations adapt to changing circumstances. It supports them as they grow and provides a painless solution to adapt to changes in structure and organisation. This is a huge benefit. Partly, this involves the right positioning and proposition but you must also have the right underlying platform, with the flexibility to support such evolving requirements.

Can you offer this to your customers today? If not, you should talk to Gintel and discover how our Mobile UC solutions can enable you to deliver the organisational and operational support your business customers need – both today and in the future as their businesses evolve.

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