Modularity gives flexibility, allowing you to evolve your service offer

MNOs understand that the launch offer doesn’t have to be all-inclusive. Trying to do everything at once puts a brake on agility and delays market launch. A better approach is to follow the iterative practice adopted by Internet companies, releasing a core offer and then consistently investing in new capabilities and features. To achieve this, you need a modular solution that allows rapid enhancement, as well as the flexibility to support new extensions that are customised to emerging requirements.

Building a core offer is an essential first step to targeting any market. Of course, the service you launch must be based on your market understanding, knowledge of potential customers and their needs, as we have often discussed. But while the service you launch must be carefully thought through, things don’t just stop there. Neither people nor organisations stand still – their needs evolve, as does the market.

This means that you need to think about how your service will evolve through time. Moreover, you also need to think about capabilities that may not have made it into your first release and which you may have deferred from launch but which you intend to add in time.

In fact, increasingly, MNOs and service providers are adopting the tactics of Internet players, choosing to launch the minimum viable feature set on Day 1 and then to iterate the offer through the addition of new features. Such approaches are radically different from the legacy habit of striving for the most complete offer at the outset, which inevitably leads to delays and can be a significant barrier to the agility that MNOs and service providers seek to achieve.

So, regardless of your starting point, it’s inevitable that your service will evolve, both through planned extensions and through adaptation to emerging requirements. Moreover, customers don’t like to see stagnation – they expect offers to remain relevant and appreciate service providers that invest in evolving their solutions.

Of course, this requires careful planning but it also requires the ability to evolve your platforms and systems. This means you must choose the right platform from the outset. If the product is moribund and static, it cannot evolve to deliver the performance and service enhancements your customers will need and that you expect.

You need a vendor partner that invests in its solution, so that you secure the benefits of new developments and enhancements. You must also be able to work together, so that you can collectively define what you need.

That’s why our solutions are both modular and flexible. We provide a range of enhanced feature modules that can be easily incorporated with your offer and which enable you to introduce new functionality that can be attractive for your users. Call conferencing, call recording and Skype for Business integration are all good examples of capabilities that our customers have chosen to add to their service portfolio as they have evolved. In addition, we work with our customers to define new capabilities that extend offers further and which meet specific, local needs.

This modular approach gives agility, so that you can get to market fast and then provide the iterative approach that today’s customers expect. You can base your offer on our core Easy Business Communications Suite and then add new modules at a timetable to suit. In addition, the flexibility of Easy Designer means that new capabilities can also be added, according to new market requirements. It’s a flexible approach that provides the agility you need to succeed and provides the foundation for consistent engagement with your customers. Want to know more? Get in touch to see how we can help you get to market and partner to deliver the evolution and enhancement you need to be leader.

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