How can service performance and delivery become more agile?

Agility is critical to becoming a more competitive provider but it can be hard to achieve. It requires focus and choosing the right starting point from where all subsequent steps can be taken. Focus comes from choosing a clearly identifiably target market, while the right starting point means choosing a solution that meets carrier-grade criteria while providing the flexibility for iterative enhancement.

Agility has become one of the most talked about terms in our industry. It has become an aspiration for most operators to increase their agility, in part driven by recognition that their peers in other industries have been able to iterate new services, enhancing their quality and capabilities, based on the idea of an initial minimum viable product. In particular, alternative communications and service providers have repeatedly demonstrated the effectiveness of their offers by incrementally enhancing applications to add richness and to create a better user experience.

As a result, traditional service providers and MNOs are concerned that they too need to increase their agility. In practice, this is not straightforward, as agility is also an orientation and approach to service delivery that is far from the historic approach to robust, five-nine carrier services. As a result, there have been a host of initiatives aimed at measures to enhance agility. How do you convert an aspiration into a series of actionable steps to enhance your business?

The problem is that focus is an essential element of any attempt to introduce more agile services, a more agile orientation and an agile organisation. Without focus, any such initiative is doomed to failure. Happily, focus is something that can also be obtained by two crucial steps.

First, carefully select your targets. Choose the market and/or segment that you want to address, identify the offer you wish to present and develop a proposition. This gives you a clear focus around which plans can be created. Second – and crucially - start with a platform that has proven carrier-grade capabilities but which offers the flexibility to allow for the introduction of new capabilities and features that will enhance the service that you launch. If you don’t have something that meets criteria for entry to your network, you can’t even begin to start.

That’s what our customers do. They know that, with Gintel, they benefit from a solution – the Easy Business Communications Suite - that is proven with multiple operators, at large scale (with deployments that service millions of subscribers) and with the reliability characteristics they expect from a carrier-grade solution. But they also benefit from a rolling roadmap and the ability to easily add service and feature capabilities to the basic platform.

In turn, this means that they can go to market with an offer that is tuned to their prospective clients but they can then fine tune the offer in both response to and in anticipation of new customer needs.

Focus comes from choosing a market. The problem with consumer markets is that there is such diversity in terms of expectations, willingness to pay and attention, that it is difficult to even begin to define something that may be compelling – and which will generate real returns. Enterprise markets, on the other hand, are more easily understood and more easily segmented, which allows an offer to be defined more easily in the first place.

The trick is not to try to meet all needs but to address a clear subset of requirements. Deliver a service that meets these and then refine, hone and tune so that you add more value. We can help. We know what works, because we also have a clear focus that runs throughout our business. We’ve helped numerous operators around the world deliver compelling enterprise services, so we understand what business users want. Despite regional differences, they actually have much in common.

If you work with Gintel, we’ll apply all of our experience and partner with you to ensure that you deliver a focused service and can then agilely apply the enhancements you need. What are you waiting for? If you want to become more agile, start with Gintel.

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