VoLTE – how to solve challenges for service convergence and preservation to protect key enterprise revenue streams.

VoLTE is already proving to offer significant performance enhancements that are driving churn reduction. However, users of existing business services need to have a clear migration path to VoLTE even while others remain connected to legacy networks. Operators need a clear path to delivering valuable business services in a fully converged environment. We’ve helped millions of business users migrate from redundant platforms to full VoLTE, ensuring service consistency and protecting key revenue.

The latest figures from the GSMA show how VoLTE deployments continue to gather pace. With more than 65 operator launches (as of April 2016), it’s no longer a case of growing momentum but it’s rapidly becoming an unstoppable force. Put simply, if you have an LTE network, VoLTE is now seen as mandatory, not an optional upgrade.

This is because operators see the higher quality service as a differentiator. It’s not that it adds revenue potential – at the recent IMS World Forum, operator representatives were clear that you cannot charge more for it – but equally clear that it adds value as a tool to reduce churn. Customers appreciate the higher quality and this is fast becoming a factor when considering migration to rival networks.

However, as more operators in the same country adopt VoLTE, this advantage may prove fleeting. It’s likely that VoLTE may drive renewed consumption of operator voice services instead of alternatives but operators are already talking of the additional benefits it can bring to enterprise and business customers.

Such customers expect premium, high-quality services and have always shown a willingness to pay for them. As an upgrade to existing value added voice services, VoLTE is a no-brainer. It will deliver value for business customers and clear benefits in terms of assured, consistent quality.

A key issue today is that many business users depend on existing services, which will have to be migrated to VoLTE capable replacements. However, in many cases, vendors and suppliers of existing voice services, such as voice VPN, for example, have opted to move their platforms to end-of-life. As a result, valuable, revenue generating services face being terminated just at the moment when transition to new, enhanced service capabilities promises to provide a boost.

Preserving valuable services and delivering converged capabilities to support this migration has become a critical issue for operators investing in VoLTE. They cannot simply disconnect valuable business customers but must ensure consistent service delivery. What can operators do to protect this revenue?

What is needed is a simple way to replace an existing service and to gracefully provide both VoLTE extension capabilities as well as the ability to deliver the same service to legacy customers. While VoLTE is proving popular, adoption does depend on device replacement, so migration isn’t happening as a big bang, but rather as an evolution in line with buying cycles. This means that operators must deliver services to existing customers on legacy networks at the same time as supporting those who migrate to VoLTE capable devices. Happily, there is a solution. Talk to Gintel!

We’ve already helped three operators migrate existing solutions to VoLTE, both for Mobile PBX and for voice VPN. Millions of users have successfully been migrated to our solutions, ensuring that operators continue to support valuable customers while at the same time delivering a service with enhanced capabilities that is attractive to new prospective users.

We have implemented the required capability extension and have ensured consistency with redundant platforms that cannot support this transition. If you are investing in VoLTE, then you need to consider how you can support legacy services while transitioning users to new VoLTE capabilities. Why not talk to us to see how this can be achieved and how we can protect key enterprise revenue streams?

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