Target new revenue with Gintel’s flexible network-based call recording service options

There’s a growing number of reasons why organisations need to record voice conversations, but application-based or two-stage approaches are inefficient. To make the most of the revenue opportunities afforded by call recording requirements, mobile providers need an efficient, network-based solution.

As has become increasingly clear in recent times, there is a growing need to record business telephone conversations. The need stems from a variety of reasons – internal training, to meet regulatory compliance, to assess and review quality and to ensure accurate records of meetings and other events.

These reasons often creating contending requirements. For example, legislative demands mean that strict rules must be adhered to in terms of which calls must be recorded, as well as creating demands for the storage, security and access rights that can be applied to the resulting recordings. Recording for internal purposes means that organisations can set their own policies and decide how and when recordings can be used, while ensuring that rules covering privacy are followed.

As such, there is a wide range of use cases for what is essentially a simple functionality – the ability to capture and label media streams from live conversations. To add to this complexity, the growing dominance of mobile devices means that call recording functionality must also be extended to mobile devices.

There are several approaches that can be applied to address the issue of ensuring that mobile conversations are recorded to meet organisational needs. Many of these involve two-stage call set up using an application on the device; others make use of device capabilities to capture conversations and then forward the resulting recordings to storage media when bandwidth allows. Neither of these approaches offers the efficiency of the alternative: a network-based solution that uses advanced triggering to seamlessly enable the automated recording of conversations, based on the examination of criteria such as the calling or called party.

Only network-based solutions provide the full range of capabilities to elegantly enable call recording from mobile devices, at the scale needed by organisations. That’s why we have enabled mobile call recording as an extension of Gintel’s Easy Business Communications Suite. Our solution is flexible so that it can be tailored to meet the needs of any situation, whether driven by concerns about meeting regulatory requirements, or if demanded by internal policies and best practice goals.

As such, it presents the ideal solution for mobile providers to offer a valuable service to business customers, regardless of the size of the organisation. It is typically offered as a premium service, with a monthly subscription package that secures ongoing revenue and which, in addition to meeting all relevant requirements, provides an OPEX model that helps organisations control costs.

Our experience in delivering a range of recording solutions will enable you to capture new revenue and launch a profitable, compelling service. We will help you to define the service capabilities needed by your customers and to deliver a service that ensures you can fully address the market potential. Find out how we can help you to deliver advanced mobile recording with an agile, network-based solution, proven in deployments around the world.

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