UC Opportunities for Mobile Providers

Why go looking for opportunities for which your peers are competing? Surely it’s better to identify emerging market opportunities before others do? The SME market is underdeveloped, underserved and often ignored. But it’s where the money is going to be and it’s about time this latent potential demand for UC services was realised.

Mobile service providers – including MNOs and MVNOs – are continually looking for new service opportunities. They have to be constantly alert to new opportunities that can help them grow their businesses and build a profitable future. There’s often a tendency to follow the herd – if content seems a good idea, many people will move into the business of content provision.

It’s rather like that old, probably apocryphal, quotation from infamous bank robber Willie Sutton. When someone asked him why he robbed banks, he is alleged to have replied “because that’s where the money is”. True or not, it’s often cited as a reason to look for the obvious. But it’s not necessarily helpful. If we go searching for revenue in obvious places, we will probably end up competing with many others that have reached the same conclusion.

In fact, it’s probably better to follow the maxim of ice hockey star Wayne Gretzky, who famously said that “I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been”. But how can we do this? How can we find markets that have latent potential so that we can capitalise on these hidden opportunities?

There is one obvious answer. According to consultancy firm PwC1, while adoption of UC services is growing fast among larger enterprises, more than 90% of companies with 10 – 49 employees have yet to capitalise on the enhanced communication and productivity benefits UC offers. Of course, such companies are more likely to have a mobile infrastructure and less likely to have any kind of permanent fixed solutions – which makes them ripe for targeting with a mobile UC solution.

PwC attributes the low level of uptake, not to poor user demand or inertia but rather to the lack of compelling offers from providers, all of which begs the question, why aren’t mobile providers doing more to promote solutions in this market segment?

The time is right. Mobile providers have a significant untapped opportunity to target SME customers and, in particular, the huge number of companies with fewer than 20 employees. Why not talk to Gintel and find out how you can access this market and get to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been?

Unified Communications – Collaboration Simplified, March 2015

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