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Exclusive presentations from MVNOs’ World Congress highlight two contrasting approaches to delivering SME service offers, both based on the same core Gintel technology. Far from being an unreachable market, nimble, agile and expert players are showing how to deliver. Watch their presentations and find out how!

The MVNOs’ World Congress 2016 highlighted the growing strength of the industry. More delegates, more exhibitors and, more importantly, more insight from the community. We’ve already commented on some key lessons, but it was very clear that more and more companies are taking a long, hard look at enterprise opportunities. The maths and logic are simple: most markets have a relatively small number of large companies and a much, much larger number of small ones. Historically, however, small companies have tended to be overlooked by established, large operators. There are several reasons for this:

  1. Large operators may be insufficiently agile to address the needs of SMEs
  2. Large operators may feel the cost of doing business in this space outweigh the benefits
  3. Large operators may not understand the needs of small businesses
  4. And so on

In other words, there are reasons not to try to address the needs of small businesses, but, conversely, lots of reasons to do so. These include:

  1. There are lots and lots of small businesses
  2. They will pay subscriptions and can generate higher ARPU than consumer customers
  3. They want solutions

In fact, a very clear analysis of the needs of small business customers was provided by ergo business mobile from the UK. You can see the CEO’s presentation here. In addition, you can see how the numbers stack up for the UK market, which means that millions of subscribers cannot easily obtain a solution that matches their needs – all of which will change when ergo launches in a short space of time.

In a similar vein, many businesses are caught between a transition from older, on-premises solutions and adoption of new cloud services. Nextel from Belgium provided detailed insight into how their needs can be addressed by delivering a clear FMC offer that offers cloud-based mobile functionality with parallel integration into fixed assets. You can see Nextel’s presentation here.

Both of these operators are doing different things but doing so with the same Gintel solution. They are able to do so partly because of the flexibility of our platform but also because of the deep understanding they have developed of the needs of their existing and potential customers. Two different approaches but the end result is the same: they target small businesses that have been overlooked by other providers, generating both business for their companies but also increasing the value of the underlying MNO infrastructure.

That’s a clear win-win. This is the future of the MVNO industry – specialisation, rich insight into customer needs and a clear focus. They show how, with the right skillsets, it’s possible to really deliver to small businesses, unlocking the latent potential of this market. If you want to learn how, talk to us.

Watch ergo business mobile presentation
Watch Nextel presentation

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