Mobile Twinning – a simple service to extend your portfolio

Twinning is a simple yet incredibly useful service. It’s of interest to consumers and business users – essentially, anyone who has more than one device and wants to be reached through a single number. But it’s also great for service providers too, as it generates money, extends addressable markets and provides a foundation for the introduction of other, richer services.

Sometimes it can be surprising how useful a simple service is. Not only can they prove to be hugely popular, they can also prove to be strategic assets. For example, instead of trying to adopt a big-bang approach and introduce a more comprehensive solution, launching a seemingly simple service can help extend addressable markets and allow service providers to test the water with a basic offer before jumping in with a more complex solution that makes a huge splash.

Recently, we’ve seen an upsurge of interest in mobile twinning. It’s a simple solution to a common problem. Many users maintain several devices but don’t necessarily want to share all of the numbers associated with them to all of their contacts. Twinning allows them to choose which of these identities they share. It may be the MSIDN of one of their devices or a separate identity enabled by the service provider.

Users simply select the devices they want to include in the service and these become associated with their number. When the number is called, all devices ring in parallel, giving the user the freedom to select the most convenient one for their needs.

The interesting thing is twinning is a service that turns out to be equally of interest to both consumers and business users alike. Consumers like it because many have more than one phone. Business users like it, because it’s a useful feature that’s often enabled in a wider UC service. However, as a standalone service, it provides enough call management functionality to be appealing to even businesses with one or two employees.

As such, it’s a great way to extend market exposure right down to the smallest of companies. It’s an easy way to launch a service that caters to the broadest set of the market, while paving the way for more comprehensive services to be added through time.

That’s why we’re making it available as a standalone service. It’s built on the Easy Business Communications Suite, but can be enabled on its own without the need to activate other features. As it can attract a premium, it’s a useful tool to have in your kit that enables you to easily deliver a useful service and to plan for the introduction of further capabilities from the same platform.

Interested? Would you like to learn more? Download our datasheet to read all about it. Let us know if it’s interesting and we’ll be happy to give you a demonstration.

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